Hello All!

Thank you all for all that you do in helping keep our developer community healthy and vibrant. In an effort to keep things moving forward we've made a few changes to the way that our Legacy Bug Reports forum works. We now have a preferred area for reporting bugs in the Bug Reports tool. We are still actively looking at and working issues that have already been reported by the community in the old forum, but things are honestly just easier to manage and it's easier to communicate with the new tools available. So here is the change that is happening:

Effective immediately, the Legacy Bug Reports forum will not longer allow new threads to be created.

Your content will not be lost and you can still reply, comment, etc. to existing threads held in that forum. We are just shutting off the ability for new thread to be started. If you have a new bug or new instance of an old bug that hasn't seen any traction for a while, then please make a report in the new Bug Reports tool. Thank you all so much and happy coding!