Connect IQ System 5 SDK Now Available

Connect IQ System 5 is here! The Connect IQ 4.1.1 SDK is now available from the SDK manager. System 5 better, faster and stronger than before with several key enhancements and updates.

New Metrics

System 5 has all new access to device metrics including:




Get the current respiration value


Get the current time to recovery


Get device Body Battery history


Get device stress history


Get the amount of battery remaining in days


Get the user’s running VO2 Max


Get the user’s cycling VO2 Max


Get an iterator of the user’s past activities


 Get the sunrise time for a location


 Get the sunset time for a location


Updated App Settings

The new app settings system is now deployed in Connect, Connect IQ and Garmin Express.

With the new <group> tag, you can tie related settings together. These will appear as a single entry in mobile that is editable within its own page. With the enableIfTrue attribute, you can disable a group based on if the user has selected a Boolean within the settings. The new array setting allows for growable lists of sub-objects within your settings. Best of all, these settings can work with any Connect IQ device.

You can learn more in the Properties and Settings chapter of the Core Topics section.

New Profiler

The new Connect IQ profiler will help you improve your on-device app performance by giving you visibility to which calls are taking time in your app.

In a future device update, you will be able to profile your app on device by compiling the app with the -k option. After you run, a file named <appname>.PRF will be generated in the LOGS folder. You will be able load the PRF file into the simulator profile tool for analysis.

New! New Authentication Module

System 5 introduces a new Toybox module Authentication. The Authentication module provides a new function that is similar to Communications.makeOAuthRequest(). The main differences are that the request will open in the Connect IQ Store mobile app, and that the Authentication module is available to all app types in the foreground. Now your data fields and watch faces can initiate authentication without using a background service.

Supported Devices

Connect IQ System 5 has rolled out on a number of devices with more coming:

Now Available

Public Beta Available

Coming Soon

Forerunner® 245 Series
Forerunner® 745
Forerunner® 945
Forerunner® 945 LTE
Venu® Series
Venu® 2 Series
Venu® 2 Plus Series
Vivoactive 4 Series

Edge® 530
Edge® 830
Edge® 1030
Edge® 1030 Plus

epixTM (gen 2)
fēnix® 5 Plus Series
fēnix® 6 Series
fēnix® 7 Series
Instinct® 2 Series
MARQ® Series
quatix® 6
tactix® 6
Venu® Sq Series

Get the SDK

System 5 is ready to make your apps better, faster, and stronger. You can download the SDK from the SDK manager to begin updating your apps.