We have released Connect IQ SDK version 6.2.2, which contains some fixes for issues found in 6.2.1. Here is the list of changes and updates:

General Changes

  • No changes

Simulator Changes

  • Fix symbol not found error when calling WatchUi.makeReviewTokenRequest() on 3.4 devices.
  • Match the on-device page indicator for the Venu 2 family.
  • Fix issue preventing hitting breakpoints in Application.onStart().
  • Keep the communication open with debugger when a background app stops or the running app is restarted.

Compiler Changes

  • Fix incorrect optimization of static constants that would lead to a runtime crash.
  • Fix the type checker to use the correct type for Array.removeAll().
  • Revert a change from 4.2.1 that caused an issue where a parent class’s member function isn’t called in some cases.