We released version 4.0.7 of the Connect IQ SDK this afternoon, along with the VS Code 1.0.1 extension, which address several bugs. Of particular significance, this update includes fixes to address problems working with file paths that include space when using VS Code as your IDE. See the SDK release notes below for more details!

General Changes

  • The minimum supported macOS is now 10.12.
  • End the Visual Studio Code debug session if launching app failed or sim crashed.
  • Show crash message in debugger if app crashes during startup.
  • Fix a memory leak that would occur when using makeWebRequest on a Wi-Fi/LTE connection to download an animation manifest.
  • Fix a memory leak that would occur when using makeWebRequest on a Wi-Fi/LTE connection and the response JSON included duplicated value strings.
  • Reduce application memory usage when processing makeWebRequest responses from a Wi-Fi/LTE connection.
  • Update Graphics API documentation to use the FontType typedef instead of the classes that make up the typedef.
  • Fix broken link in WatchUi.IconMenuItem documentation.
  • Fix parameter typing on Communications.registerForOAuthMessages().
  • Prevent memory corruption when using small coefficient arrays with the IIR filter.
  • Fix the PRG not getting pushed if its path contains a space.

Simulator Changes

  • Fix AppBase.onAppInstall() not getting launched for the first app run in a newly opened simulator.
  • Fix issue where the current day’s vigorous intensity minutes were used when calculating the total moderate intensity minutes.
  • Fix memory leak with makeImageRequest for some simulated devices.

Compiler Changes

  • Improve initialization checking on symbols that are confirmed to exist for an object using a ‘self has’ check.
  • Add type checking to ‘object[:variable]’ syntax.
  • Fix a type check bug that caused an error when using ‘NaN’.