We released version 4.0.5 of the Connect IQ SDK this afternoon, which addresses several bugs. See the release notes below for details!

General Changes

  • Fix typing issues with WatchUi.Bitmap.
  • Fix Comm.checkWifiConnection not properly checking Wi-Fi connection is available.
  • Add new Wi-Fi connection status enum values.
  • Add Communications.startSync2().
  • Improve typing of the BackgroundTimer sample.
  • Fix a bug that prevented creating barrel projects in the Visual Studio Code Extension.
  • Add documentation for application scope type checking, including information on how to disable the check if necessary.

Simulator Changes

  • Prevent the simulator from locking up when launching a new app while debugging.
  • Add the SEND command to mdd for sending files to the simulator.

Compiler Changes

  • Apply the –Eno-invalid-symbol command line option to undefined symbol checking done during type checking.
  • Improve type checking to update local variable types after if statements based on the if conditions.
  • Improve how poly types are printed in compiler error and warning messages.
  • Fix misspelling in compiler warning message generated when a Connect IQ project consumes a Monkey Barrel that supports languages unsupported by the project.
  • Fix bug in try / catch block code generation which potentially caused accessing invalid portions of the stack.
  • Fix a code generation bug for function calls followed by an array access that caused a Monkey C intermediate representation parsing error.
  • Add if-splitting to while and for statements in the type checker.
  • Improve if-splitting logic on nested if-else statements.
  • Fix bug in type checker if-splitting logic, which was caused by not factoring in “else if” cases.
  • Improve type check errors when a statement is not reachable and when a variable is not initialized in a try-catch statement.
  • Fix type check error when assigning variable to itself in an if statement.