We released version 4.0.4 of the Connect IQ SDK this afternoon, which addresses several bugs. See the release notes below for details!

General Changes

  • Fix a bug that resulted in bad links for references to enum types in generated documentation.
  • Fix a problem with monkeydoc that caused it to stop processing input if a typedef inside a class declaration was encountered.
  • Fix a bug where the “Glance View” menu state isn’t updated when entering full view mode.
  • Add new option to monkeydoc that allows the api.mir file to be provided to avoid warnings for references to API classes.
  • Update symbol references in generated documentation to show partially qualified names.
  • Improve typing of Json Data Resources, Menu 2, and Picker sample apps.
  • Fix a bug where web or image requests made via Wi-Fi can be canceled by the same app running in different modes, such as background mode.
  • Fix a bug where clearing a palettized BufferedBitmap with transparent color would cause visual artifacts.
  • Fix multiple typos in API documentation.
  • Add type checking for options passed to Picker.setOptions().
  • Fix an invalid error thrown for ANT apis when invoked from data fields.
  • Set the return type for the Mailbox Iterator next() function.
  • Fix an issue that caused an exception to be thrown when requesting SensorHistory data for a short period.

Simulator Changes

  • Fix invalid Average and max cadence values during FIT simulation and playback.
  • Improve error message in the simulator’s app settings editor for a missing settings file.
  • Fix a bug where the initial focus item was set incorrectly for some menu items.
  • Fix a bug where switching a progress bar from “busy” mode to “progress” mode did not work correctly.
  • Fix a bug where screenshots taken in apps running on devices with soft menu bars would be stretched.
  • Fix a bug where the simulator would crash if an app uses a custom media button but doesn’t implement getState() or getText().
  • Fix a simulator crash that occurred when attempting to edit an animation resource in the application storage viewer.

Compiler Changes

  • Add compiler error when compiling for a device that requires a newer API Level.
  • Fix type checking error when a poly type is assigned to a non-poly type.
  • Generate a warning if a bitmap resource defined in a layout will override a bitmap resource with the same id and different data in another layout.
  • Improve type check warnings for symbols not found on poly types and fix bug in if-splitting logic for non-local assignments.
  • Fix bug in code generation for RunNoEvil test functions that have ‘assert’ at the beginning of the function name.
  • Fix a compiler bug that caused an ‘Unable to detect scope’ warning when using the ‘$’ symbol.