We released version 3.2.4 of the Connect IQ SDK this afternoon, which primarily addresses Simulator crashes that were occurring on macOS 11 (Big Sur). Check out SDK Manager for the update!

General Changes

  • Allow spaces in paths when running monkeydo.
  • Fix a bug where the last step in a workout activity was not handled properly.
  • Fix a potential crash in Graphics.fitTextToArea().
  • Fix a bug in MapPolyline.addLocation() that resulted in errors if an array of locations was provided.
  • Fix issues with Graphics.fitTextToArea() for multi-byte code points.
  • Add app encryption support for app types other than audio content provider.
  • Fix miscellaneous documentation errors.

Simulator Changes

  • Fix a simulator crash when running on macOS Big Sur.
  • Drop support for macOS 10.9 and older.
  • Prevent simulator lock-up that could occur on app launch.
  • Fix bugs in the object store editor where some values were not read-only.
  • Fix an issue that allowed a widget base view to receive input events.
  • Fix a crash due to out-of-bounds access on Menu2 views.
  • Fix a bug where the app settings menu was not properly enabled / disabled based on running app state.

Compiler Changes

  • Fix a permission bug with new project templates.