New devices are finally here. You've been playing with "upcoming" device for long enough and we are happy to announce that we've added new wearable and cycling devices to the 3.0.11 SDK! It's a whole new world in Fitness for Garmin!

Get the SDK through the SDK Manager in the Eclipse Plugin or download here.

Release Notes

General Changes

  • Fix an issue that caused an unexpected type error when passing a MapMarker to MapView.setMapMarker().
  • Reduce memory required to load app settings.
  • Add support for the Edge® 530, Edge® 830, Forerunner® 245, Forerunner® 245 Music, Forerunner® 945, and Forerunner® 45.

Simulator Changes

  • No Changes

Compiler Changes

  • No Changes

New Devices

Here is  a list of the new devices added to the SDK.

Forerunner® 245 / 245 Music

Forerunner® 45 / 45S

Forerunner® 945

Edge® 530

Edge® 830