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Quick Text unavailable on iPhone

I just purchased an inReach Mini 2 and am watching the Garmin webinar titled, "Get to Know inReach Mini 2."  In the section of the video that references how to send Quick Text from the Explore app, a Quick Text icon (lightening bolt) appears in the text window.  On my iPhone, this icon does not appear and I'm at a loss as to how I access the Quick Texts (see attached photo).  My inReach shows connected to my iPhone via bluetooth.  I have synced both my iPhone and inReach to Garmin Explore.

Phone model:  iPhone 11

iOS version: 16.4.1

Garmin Explore app version:  3.7.1 (826753)

Hopefully this is just a cockpit error on my behalf.  Any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • Yes, Leslie...we figured out that the photo was actually of the Messenger app. The Messenger app does not support Quick Texts. When both the Explore and Messenger apps reside on a phone and one wants to send a Quick Text via the Explore app, it can't be done. The Explore app opens the Messenger app which doesn't support Quick Texts. That was the issue here.

  • I know that this is an old thread, but I remain baffled as to how thoroughly confusing the Garmin ecosystem remains.  In this case, I just wanted to figure out how to access Quick Text messages from the Explore app.  Like the OP here, I was puzzled why what I saw on my phone failed to match all of the Garmin instructional vids.  Then (also like the OP) I realized that after installing the Messenger app on my phone (which my InReach Mini2 instructs me to do in order to pair with a phone), the Explore messaging interface defaulted to the Messenger app interface which didn't have access to Quick Text messages.  So... I uninstalled the Messenger app and now the lightning bolt Quick Text icon appears next to my text box, but.... it doesn't do anything.  Tapping on it does nothing.  

    Garmin -- you already know this, but be aware that for the normal user, even a pretty savvy one, trying to navigate the maze of apps associated with your GPS devices (Basecamp, Explore web site, Explore app, Connect app, Messenger app, Express, probably more) is absolutely maddening.  What does what?  How do they all sync and work with each other (or not)?  The fact that the information in the official support videos is apparently often deprecated by later updates only adds to the confusion.

    No wonder I'm the only one still using a stand-alone GPS and all of my hiking pals stick to their phones.

    Done with rant.

  • I think the reason is that Garmin is trying to bring a broad range of capabilities to units which were originally designed to fulfill a specific need. The Connect ecosystem was originally for fitness watches, and the Explore ecosystem was for hikers and adventurers. Now if you buy a hiking device, say the 67i, you have fitness apps as well as other stuff not needed by most people.

    Garmin does need to get it all integrated at some point.

  • Yeah, I'd agree.  I know that it's possible to clean up and rearrange menus on my GPSMAP 66st to remove some of unused clutter, but even after having done that, it's still a mess.  Add to that all of these multiple apps that seem to have overlapping functions and terminological inconsistencies (tracks, routes, and courses anyone?), and it quickly becomes overwhelming to pull off even some of the basic core tasks.  I've been using GPSMAP devices for 10 years and it's gotten much, much worse over the years.

  • Yeah, I have a 66i, and use it primarily for hiking. I had an Explorer + prior to that, been using Garmin for  about 10 years too.

    I also removed a bunch of stuff, and only use one profile on the 66i. Rather than broadening what the 66 can do using software that doesn't apply to hiking, I would have preferred they improved on the hiking functionality. But it's cheaper to implement something that's already developed, I suppose.