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Quick Text unavailable on iPhone

I just purchased an inReach Mini 2 and am watching the Garmin webinar titled, "Get to Know inReach Mini 2."  In the section of the video that references how to send Quick Text from the Explore app, a Quick Text icon (lightening bolt) appears in the text window.  On my iPhone, this icon does not appear and I'm at a loss as to how I access the Quick Texts (see attached photo).  My inReach shows connected to my iPhone via bluetooth.  I have synced both my iPhone and inReach to Garmin Explore.

Phone model:  iPhone 11

iOS version: 16.4.1

Garmin Explore app version:  3.7.1 (826753)

Hopefully this is just a cockpit error on my behalf.  Any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • I looked at the webinar at about 33:20, and the app display shown looks like mine. If you look carefully at the webinar, you can see there are several differences between yours and what's shown on the webinar, it's not just the lightning bolt.

    Do you have preset messages or check-in messages? I have preset messages and the webinar discusses preset messages. If you have check-in messages that may explain some of the app appearance differences. 

    You state that you synched both the inReach and iPhone to Garmin Explore (I assume the website). Does other data synch and the only thing missing is Quick Texts? For example, do your Contacts show up on the app? If not, you may not have actually synched.

    If Quick Texts is the only thing missing and assuming you actually have composed some Quick Texts on the website, you may want to remove the Explore app from your iPhone and re-install it.

  • Thank you for your response.  I very much appreciate it.

    You ask if I have preset messages or check-in messages.  I'm going to go out on a limb and assume by "Preset" you mean Quick Text Messages.

    Unlike in the Explore app on my iPhone, I have both Check-in and Quick Text messages on the inReach Mini 2, itself.  On my iphone, however, in the Explore app under "Messages", I cannot access the Quick Text Messages in line with what the video shows I should and it appears I can only create a custom message (i.e., create and send a message like I would any other message sent from my iPhone).  With regard to the three, default Check-In messages, they reside under "Device" in the iPhone Explore app and not under "Messages."

    With respect to syncing, all information, including contacts, is synced and appear in the Explore app, Explore web page, and on my phone so I believe the syncing process is working correctly.

    I also deleted and reinstalled the Explore app.  This did not resolve my issue.

    You mention something that I paraphrase as follows, "assuming you actually have composed some Quick Texts on the website....."  I haven't composed any Quick Text Messages on the website.  Currently, there are 10 default Quick Text Messages showing in my Explore web account.  My assumption, based upon what I observed in the video, is these messages should be accessible in the Explore app under "Messages."  Is my assumption incorrect?  Do I need to do something on the web, other than a sync, in order for them to transfer to the app?  I assumed they would automatically transfer as they did to the inReach device.

    Best regards

  • Near the end of 2022, Garmin switched part of their inReach messaging. Prior to the switch, there were three types of messages: custom, quick text and preset messages. The switch dropped preset messages for NEW subscribers and substituted check-in messages.  I was a subscriber prior to the switch, so I still have preset messages, not check-in. Presets are more desirable because they provide more flexibility.  I don't know how the website or app were changed for new subscribers. I have same app version as you, yet they appear to be significantly different. I'm guessing that it's related to the switch.

    The webinar was recorded prior to the switch. If you notice it doesn't mention check-in messages, but it does mention preset messages. If you look at around 27:50, you can see a slide which shows the Explore website. It shows there are 3 preset messages. I'm guessing you don't have that on your website, while I do. It also shows 10 quick texts, but at the bottom there is an "Add" button. You can add 10 more quick texts. You should have that capability.

    This short, pre-switch video discusses how to send quick texts and mimics the webinar. Notice how your message page differs from what is shown: . Also notice it discusses how to send preset messages. My guess is that your quick text functionality is found within some of those icons which differ from what you see on the Message page within the video (you have "New Message" "New Post" buttons, "Suggested/Invite", and arrow in box), but since I don't have those, I can't say for sure.

    So, from a pre-switch perspective, your assumptions are correct. A synch will synch the quick texts (and presets for me) automatically. There is nothing special you should have to do. I don't know if that remains true, post-switch, since I didn't switch.

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    Your screen shot is from the Garmin Messenger app. You can even see the previous pointer to Explore on top.

    Quick Text messages are not available to send through the Garmin Messenger app.

  • Edvard, you are correct in your assertion that it is the Messenger screen.  However, it is the screen that pops up when I select Messages at the bottom of the Explore app.  I'm not sure why but It appears the Explore app is linking to the Messenger app when Messages is selected.  I have both the Messenger app and the Explore app on my iPhone.

    If I delete the Messenger app from my iPhone and select Messages at the bottom of the Explore screen the screen, as shown in the video, appears with the lightening bolt icon.  If I then re-install the Messenger app the Explore app re-links to the Messenger app and brings up the Messenger window.  I don't understand why it's doing this.

    According to the inReach manual, if I'm understanding things correctly, which may or may not be true, the Messenger app is required if I'm to be able to use tracking, SOS, inReach Weather, and managing my service plan.  In addition, according to the video, I need the Explore app to send Quick-Text Messages if I wish to do so on my iPhone.  So it would seem like there is a disconnect between what the video is showing and how the apps actually work.  When both apps are installed, Explore is defaulting and linking to Messenger.

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    Messenger app is required if I'm to be able to use tracking, SOS, inReach Weather, and managing my service plan.

    Where did you get that idea from? 

    inReach Mini 2 Owner's Manual.

    I use inReach Mini 2 with Garmin Explore app.

    It does everything you mention. I have no use for Garmin Messenger app.

  • It's in the inReach Mini 2 user's manual.  The text is a direct copy paste from the manual.

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    Well, that info is not correct.

    Please share where this is written. 

  • When you download the manual's pdf file, it is then on page 5 of the introduction.