What are the number of points needed for Levels from challenges/ badges?

Please can Garmin publish a list of how many total points are  needed for each level as well as how many points to the next level.

Also I have heard that there are now 10 levels, can you confirm this?

Has anyone tried to keep track of each time they get a new level and the points to the next level? If so we can workout a few of the numbers.

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  • Those are 1 point badges and you need to do an activity on a given day. And, as mentioned, only few of those during a year, even less if you take into account that Asian countries just get a good part of those by default. So it's symbolic collectible.

    If someone want points, then he'll probably get them with repeatable - 2 pts: Challenge Champ or watch's limited: Try to Keep Up, Feel the Force Flow, High GroundOn Your Left or 4 pts Hone Your Strength.

  • I wonder if anyone here has Level 7 or higher?

  • I wonder if anyone here has Level 7 or higher?

    Yes, sure. Actually it is quite easy even for an average bloke, with all those new badges coming each month.

  • My problem with the current set up is that the increase is exponential... formula is something like 6*e^(x*3/4) (R^2=0.99), x = level.

    This is outrageous... nobody's fitness level or dedication grows exponentially... and life is finite & short.

    Most of us might have a period of exponential growth at first, followed by a linear spell, but then we all hit plateau. And thus the only way to keep up with the curve (given no one can dedicate 24hr a day to activities) is to wait longer and longer... This is very demotivating to most. And totally unrealistic.

    In fact, aside viruses & compound interest, not much grows exponentially, and both of those are not good things...

    The problem with exponentials is that everybody underestimates just how fast they grow... This is akin the grains of rice on a chessboard story... Or the fact that if you fold in half a sheet of paper it only takes 45 folds to reach the moon...

    Pretty soon chasing exponentially harder levels becomes unsustainable . Some of you pointed out already that you either run out of life or resort to cheating. How can this be good? or motivational?

    I would propose a geometric growth, quadratic, this will still increase the difficulty as time goes by & will require a steady acceleration, but it's more realistic.

    BTW I went from nought to Level 5 in less than 2 years, so I am not so slow. But I don't even want to calculate how long it will take me to get to level 8 at this rate, nevermind level 10. My maths-gut-feeling says around 10 years or so, provided the number of challenges per month stays at current level??? A further 25 years to level 10??? Something like that? Crazy

    I recon Garmin counts on people underestimating the experimental growth... everyone chases higher levels but they don't realise what it means....

    * sorry for the maths oriented post, I am such a nerd *

  • I agree. I use it for personal motivation. I will reach a level very soon where the next one is not realistically attainable, and then I'm pretty much done with it, which is unfortunate and unnecessary.  I've seen the claim made that these less-attainable goals aren't for me = they are meant to distinguish the super-duper elite from the rest of us - but if they just had more milestones spread out more evenly (at least not exponentially) I could go about about my business striving to achieve my personal goals, and the super-duper among us would still be distinguished with levels reached I will never dream to attain. As it is, I will lose any need to engage with what has been a fun way to measure my progress.

  • I agree with you. I am a statistician myself and realized when I first saw the points required it was a Log scale. Took about 10 seconds to realise >10,000 points was just insane. I busted a gut to get to level 6, but that’s it for me. Not going to try any more - and I am also a competitive athlete!! This points scaling is quite demotivating. 

  • I loved your post, thanks.  Clearly the people who talk about the super duper athletes aren't that good at maths.  I am married to an ex-super duper athlete and she laughs at the points thing.  Super duper athletes are self motivated.  The points are for those of us who are just not as self motivated and want a little something to aim for.

  • And now, let’s continue the math. I live at 1000m altitude in the Alps. 5-6 months we have snow ;)

    What really bothers me is that we have no ice skating, cross country, skiing and ski tours in any badges. Running on ice and snow is no fun. 

  • These levels are way to high. Did Garmin take into account all the cheaters with high point counts. Average Joe's will not reach the higher levels.