ZWIFT Rides No Longer Count Towards Challenges?

I was half way to completing the 2021 "January Ride to 200" challenge with ZWIFT rides and now my progress says zero.
My ZWIFT rides have always counted in the past challenges... is this something new??

  • My zwift cycling rides (virtual) counted toward my cycling badges, but on 1/14 they started to all the mileage I put in reset down to zero for the challenges.

    The rides counted toward the december badges and showed as counting in January up until 1/14, then something changed.

    I record the rides in the zwift app and it imports it into garmin.

    Thank you.

  • Me too, All my cycling mileage at Zwift (virtual ride) all reset to zero too, what actually happen ?

  • I am imagining there was a change in the software/code somewhere.

    I picked an activity and changed it to an "indoor ride."  Still did not count.

    I am thinking it has something to do with recording it in zwift.

    Not sure who to contact.  If there is anyone to contact.  I don't want to miss out on that badge this week.

  • Same here.  When I checked 2 challenges this morning, both had my Zwift rides removed from the challenges although the activities remained in my Activity History.  It's as if Garmin flipped a switch to not count Zwift activities from Garmin Challenges.  Bad decision on their part if it's the case.

  • Same here...all of my Zwift rides WERE included in the Garmin Challenges until a couple of days ago.  Did Garmin turn off the functionality to accept 3rd Party activities as part of a Challenge?  If so...BAD CHOCIE on their will drive people like me away from their platform and products.

  • I think right now I am going to record the rides as a indoor rides with my watch while I zwift.  It will mess my activities/mileage up, but it will still be recorded on a garmin (which I think is the problem).

    Stinks that I was about 150k into the 200k badge.  I should have enough time left to catch back up.

  • I'm here to ask the same question!  I joined Zwift in Sept 2020 and each month have earned the "Rundown" badge for 50-miles.  Yesterday I noticed that I only had made 4 miles of progress towards the January Rundown.  It seems that Garmin is now only counting activities logged via the Garmin device.  I generally record a treadmill run with my FR 945 and Zwift (allowing Zwift to capture my cadence and HR).  Once completed, I generally delete the Garmin activity in favor or the Zwift activity because the distance and speed is more accurate (captured from the treadmill).  

  • Enter the distance from Zwift to the FR945 Activity, in Garmin Connect, and delete the Zwift activity instead (or just set its distance to zero, if you want to keep it)

  • Some people in a Garmin Facebook group left the challenge and joined it again. After that their Zwift rides were counted. But now someone just wrote that it didn't work for him so the success rate isn't 100%.

    I wouldn't use Zwift rides for badge challenges since it isn't officially supported. Only activities logged with a Garmin device are officially supported.