Garmin Connect Badges Not Being Awarded

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Thank you for the ongoing discussion regarding the new badges. We have been following these discussions and are investigating why some badges have not been awarded as expected.

We have created this thread to track reports of badges not displaying in accounts. Please post here if you did not receive a badge as expected, and provide:

  • Badge Type
  • Link to the activity (Privacy set to Everyone)
  • Any other details (such as social media platform you shared an activity to or linked your account with)
  • Do we have permission to view your account data while investigating this issue through our Administrative Tools (Yes/No)?

If you have previously posted about a badge not being awarded, thank you for doing so and there is no need to post again about that specific badge. We are investigating each of those reports and will reach out with any new information individually. We request that posts in this thread be saved for NEW reports of badges not being awarded to aid us in tracking these appropriately.

Thank you for the continued discussion and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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06/19/2018: A new update has been posted here.

  • You will only get one climber badge per activity and you must not exceed the ascend so you reach the next related badge. 

    To get climber 1 you must climb at least 500 feet, but not more than 1000 feet. To get climber 2 you need at least 1000 feet but not more than 2000 feet. Your activity would award you with climber 3 but I guess you already got that one.

    To get the 50 Mile Ride badge you must ride more than 50 miles but not more than 100 miles.

    Same with Treadmill Mile. You must run longer than 1 mile but not longer than 5 km.

    So it is correct that you didn't get those badges for those activities. 

  • Got it. Bummer that you can't grab them all in an activity. Thanks for explaining!

  • Hi. I did a 60 km bicycle ride and did not get 300 intensity badge or any intensity badge. I imported the activity from another watch to my account. But the watches owner (who did not ride the bike) still got the intensity badge, even after deleting the riding activity from his account. So my problem is that I did not get the intensity badge I deserved, but my friend got it by not doing the activity. Pls help.

    Link to my activity is here:

  • Intensity minutes are calculated on the device so it is not possible to get intensity minutes by importing activities. Intensity minutes is not even based on an activity. The logged heart rate is what is used for calculating them. That is why he still have the badge even after deleting the activity. The heart rate has been uploaded to his account and not yours.