Garmin Connect Badges Not Being Awarded

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Thank you for the ongoing discussion regarding the new badges. We have been following these discussions and are investigating why some badges have not been awarded as expected.

We have created this thread to track reports of badges not displaying in accounts. Please post here if you did not receive a badge as expected, and provide:

  • Badge Type
  • Link to the activity (Privacy set to Everyone)
  • Any other details (such as social media platform you shared an activity to or linked your account with)
  • Do we have permission to view your account data while investigating this issue through our Administrative Tools (Yes/No)?

If you have previously posted about a badge not being awarded, thank you for doing so and there is no need to post again about that specific badge. We are investigating each of those reports and will reach out with any new information individually. We request that posts in this thread be saved for NEW reports of badges not being awarded to aid us in tracking these appropriately.

Thank you for the continued discussion and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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06/19/2018: A new update has been posted here.

  • Hi, i have many badges not awarded. I do not know what activity will award it but for example, most of my activities are before 8, and my rides over 5mi, etc. so almost any activity will have earned a badges. As for challenges, likes and interactions of the app, how do I share a link to that? Can it be look at my account as a whole?
  • Garmin-Joey, thanks for opening the thread and taking these issues seriously! since the other thread is closed, here is what i experienced (by now 4 times - i tested many times, since i have a new edge unit and am trying it out a lot with no "real" workouts):

    Here is a bug with the new level badges i was able to reproduce 3 times already: If i earned the double-activity badge and later on delete any activity (not one of the two who earned me the badge), i loose the double-badge. even if the deleted activity is from 3 years past or so. i have earned the badge over 2 times, but it disappeared every time, i had to delete some random activity.
  • I can corroborate DanielM's claim. I recorded two runs yesterday, and “earned’ the Double Duty badge. Just now (at 04:09 AEST) I deleted a Cycling activity from March 2016, and the Double Duty badge disappeared.

    However, it appears that the total number of badge points in my Garmin Connect account did not decrease by 1 when the Double Duty badge was lost. Right now I have ten 1-point badges, four 2-point badges and one 4-point badge, but my total number of badge points is 23.
  • I just saw that "Earn your cake" badge is not available no more and I have my birthday in two days!!! ???????????? Garmin please fixit!

    Oh and "Thanks for sharing" badge is still not awarded. I shared my run to my FB account, both through GCM and GC!
  • The networking badge is not awarding as well.
  • Did a cycling ride with vector 2, 50/50 balance, and did not win the Yin/Yang Medal. It shows on garmin connect and mobile 50/50 balance. Took a closer look on the watch, afterwards, and it shows 51/49. It looks like there is some rounding/trunck display error or no pattern in how data is showed. I take the medal!

  • The following are Badges I should have been awarded:

    1. Earn Your Cake / Birthday badge disappeared on 18 Apr 2018 from the available list... Ironically, 18 Apr 2018 is my birthday and I just got back from a bike ride. Arrrg.

    2. Thanks for Sharing - I've tried this multiple times via email share to different email addresses.

    3. On the Rocks - Gravel Bike Ride. Did this on 18 Apr 2018. I selected the MTB activity from my watch and then chose Gravel/Unpaved Cycling from Connect once I logged into the site.

    As an aside:
    I am exclusively using my Garmin Forerunner 935 to log all activity.
    This activity is uploaded to Gamin Connect via my iPhone 6s running IOS 11.3


    UPDATED 19 Apr 2018

    After a run today I was not awarded the Well Oiled Machine Badge - My running VO2 Max Increased by 1pt. This should qualify. I was awarded the Highly Improving Badge for this activity, however.

    One item to note for those troubleshooting. My Forerunner 935 updated Connect via WiFi directly vice my iPhone. Normally I have the app on while performing an activity. This time I forgot and noted it connected to my home network.


    Garmin has permission to view my account data for the purposes of troubleshooting this issue via their Administrative Tools.

    UPDATED 22 Apr 2018

    I was not awarded the Early Riser badge today. The activity started at 7:34am and is reflected as such on Connect.

    Used my Forerunner 935 to capture the activity, it was uploaded via the Connect App on my iPhone 6s.
  • Ive numerous badges not getting awarded. For I've ride here
    i figure I should get
    ??????10 mile ride
    ??????5 mile ride
    ??????saddle up

    and for
    i figure. Should get
    run 1 mile
    ??????5km run
    time to let go
    10 km run
    half marathon
    also my personal record for longest run never updates for this run automatically either

    wild Brian
  • The following are Badges I should have been awarded:

    3. On the Rocks - Gravel Bike Ride. Did this on 18 Apr 2018. I selected the MTB activity from my watch and then chose Gravel/Unpaved Cycling from Connect once I logged into the site.


    there was another post about this as well and the question is, whether you are only awarded with the badge (mtb, gravel ride) if you directly use the right profile e.g. on an edge unit, that has these options in an activity profile. for example i did a test ride on my edge with the mtb profile, changed it later on to racing bike, but the mtb badge did wrongly stay there until i deleted the activity. maybe its the other way around, as well. if you do a ride on your watch, that doesn't have the according profile, it won't be awarded ?!
  • To get a better idea of when badges should be awarded, it would be good to understand how multiple-related badges are dealt with.

    For example, if I cycle three 20-mile+ rides, should I get the 20 mile, 10 mile and 5 mile badges on the first ride, or should I just get the 'biggest available' badge, so 20 on the first ride, 10 on the second and 5 on the third?

    That said, despite having the 20 and 10 mile badges, I don't seem able to get the 5 mile one, even with a 20 mile ride today during which I didn't get anything else:

    It would also be good to understand how different types of ride are identified - if it's on the ride profile saved with an Edge, how does it recognise activities from other devices that don't save ride profiles (e.g. Fenix). And if it's from what the activity is manually set to in GC, does it capture changes made (e.g. if I change 'Cycling' to 'Gravel Cycling'

    Some of the badges are limited time only, which I think some people aren't realising (hence why they disappear), but it seems a bit odd that this includes the birthday one!

    • Do we have permission to view your account data while investigating this issue through our Administrative Tools (Yes/No)? YES