How to remove Golf in Garmin Connect?

I don't play any golf, if possible to remove it from Garmin Connect (web and Mobile)?

  • So there's the answer which suggested adding a local overrides script.

    Here's a similar approach, but using the Stylus extension for Chrome or Firefox. Note that this only works properly if you actually have the Golf link in GC (it only hides the 3rd menu item -- there isn't a way for this method to know whether the 3rd item is golf or not, as it's not a script but it's a CSS style override.)

    EDIT: I updated my answer to also hide the golf gear tab, since it seems to be pretty important to people haha.

    1) Install Stylus:

    2) Add the following style (call it "GC - Hide Golf" or something), for URLs on the domain:
    (the domain will be populated automatically if you click on the stylus extension icon and select Write style For > connect. Click on the connect part of

    ul.main-nav-group.main > li:nth-child(3) {
        display:none !important;
    a[href='#golf-gear-tab'] {
        display:none !important;

  • Hmmm...(By Geralt of Rivia :D) that gave me an ideal:

    You can do that with uBlock Origin: itempick tool. Or just add manually the rule: > .main-nav-menu-toggle.main-nav-link

    Also add this to remove golf items from Equipment:[href="#golf-gear-tab"]

    Also uBlock Origin in 2021 is a must for every user...

  • Just for good measure, here's the same rules as Adblock Plus filters (following Sir Rasor's idea.)>li:nth-child(3)[href='#golf-gear-tab']

    As with the Stylus style, these rules should not be used unless you actually have the Golf link on your front page. (The first rule simply hides the 3rd link, whether or not it's Golf.)

  • Thanks WNY!!

    This greate solution totally let Golf disappeared!

    BTW, I also remove Quickdraw.>li:nth-child(5)[href='#quickdraw-gear-tab']