Spotify Sync Failed - Vivoactive 3 Music

Hi team,

I downloaded Spotify on my vivoactive 3 music. The playlists are visible, but it doesn't sync. 

I tried all kinds of things to solve it, with no success. I'd really appreciate your help. This is pretty much the only reason why I bought the vivoactive 3 music.

What should i do?

  • What is happening? (e.g. failing during setup, sync failure, playback failure, etc.) -> sync failed on Spotify. I can see the playlist, I click on it, then it gets to the screen saying "Syncing Spotify, 0% Complete". It shows all bars full...but nothing happens. After 20-30 seconds I get the screen "Sync Failed"
  • What kind of phone are you using? Samsung A70
  • What kind of headphones are you using? Samsung earbuds
  • What Garmin Device do you have? Vivoactive 3 Music
  • When was the last time Spotify worked correctly? Never
  • Does the problem only happen with a specific Audio File? All
  • Are you using Public WiFi? (Using a Wi-Fi Device on a Captive Portal) I tried both public / hotel WiFi and mobile hotspot - no difference
  • What software version is on your Device? vivoactive 3 music software 5.50 + WiFi 2.50
  • Hi team,

    Could you anyone please help with this? Anyone had the same issue?

    @Garmin team, any recommendation on how to fix this?

    Thank you

  • Did you find the answer to this problem? I am having the same one now and it’s incredibly frustrating 

  • After a software update on the watch, my issue stopped.

  • I'll report a bug that hasn't been fixed since Spotify for CIQ has been introduced. There are some playlist that are simply "undeletable". If you try to delete them, the animation for deletion (white circle around the edges indicating progress status) will start and simply stay locked near completion. If you just exit app and restart you might get the IQ! icon indicating problem (and the app won't run) or the app might run and you might not be able to update/add songs anymore. The only solution is to "re-add" the "undeletable" playlist again and leave it there.

    I had this problem on my Fenix 5X and now on my Fenix 6X no matter the version of the Spotify app. Playlists created by the user are safe and can always be deleted. The ones that become possibly "undeletable" are the ones provided by Spotify and that have content periodically changed by Spotify and not the user himself (I'll call those dynamic playlists).

    Right now (Sept, 22nd, 2020) I can NOT delete playlists "All Out 90s" (100 songs) and "Daily Mix 1" (those customized daily mixes Spotify suggests; 50 tracks).

    My guesses are:

    1- If we download any playlist created and suggested by Spotify and that playlist is ever changed/updated (the number of songs or the songs themselves or maybe both) by Spotify that playlist becomes "undeletable". I haven't investigated enough to say if the content on the watch updates to match the changes made by Spotify. I guess it doesn't and when you ask the app to delete, the app tries to delete the songs listed in the newest version of the playlist (provided by Spotify) and the number of songs, their names or both don't match (because your watch contains the songs listed on an earlier version of this dynamic playlist) and then the deletion progress locks trying to delete a song present on the up-to-date playlist but not present in the watch.

    2- Maybe the problem is related to the watch "skipping" versions of the dynamic playlist. Maybe if you update your Daily Mix everyday, then everything is fine. But if you miss any or a certain number of updates on the playlist this start going wrong.

    If you have experienced the same problem. Please reply to this message and share your experience.

    I guess only if more people report the bug they'll investigate.

    Now I download only full albums or playlists created by me so I don't end up with thousands of "undeletable" songs.

    I hope this helps.

    Fabio Rebelato

  • I just used my laptop as a hotspot and I could download again.

  • I tried syncing with Spotify using my home Wi-Fi the normal update, logout of everything etc., reinstall everything etc. procedures; nothing worked (numerous times, hours lost). The only thing that worked was using my phone as a hotspot point. Sync happened seamlessly using my phone as a hotspot; frustrating and arguably not good enough considering the price of the watch but happy I got there in the end.  (Vivoactive 3 Music).