[BUG] iOS app version 2.26 uninstalls wrong watch face

Several times since updating to 2.25 and 2.26 the app uninstalls the wrong watch face and the list faces installed is incorrect.  Restarting the app shows the corrected list of faces.

F7 Pro 15.77

  • Another crazy variation.  I deleted a watch face, it now appears in the Glance list and an Application is uninstalled.  So, deleting a WF can delete an App!

  • Connect IQ store is a mess. Toggles between my two watches every time it gets focus and delete/install the wrong watch face. After a lengthy setup of my favorite watch face, I remove unwanted watch faces except my favorite. But that is not whats end up happening. Instead my favorite is delete and another one stays. I then delete them all to just install my favorite, from recent watch face, but the result is that the other one is installed again. I have now both installed and don’t dare remove any of them. I just cant make sunset/sunrise work on my favorite watch, which was working before it got deleted. I just let it be and hope it will start working after next sun event or tomorrow (it works with built-in watch faces).

    As an old developer, these error seems mixup of zero and 1 based indexing.

    I have an Epix gen 2. It is a replacement and it sure has been a lot of effort to get up and running. After first setup up the IQ Store app on the phone, could install apps, but not see them, after they where installed. Express had no problem. I guess it might be due to some name clash with my old Epix, which was still registered to my account when I setup it up the first time.

  • As far as I can tell, this only happens on Fenix 7 and Epix 2 devices so I'm thinking this may be a watch FW bug and not a Connect IQ app bug.  I'm going to post a link to this thread in those forums: forums.garmin.com/.../bug-ios-connect-iq-app-uninstalls-wrong-watch-face

  • Try uninstalling it from Garmin Express.

    Yes, that is the safest way.  When Garmin Express actually manages to show the list properly Disappointed

  • As far as I can tell, this only happens on Fenix 7 and Epix 2 devices so I'm thinking this may be a watch FW bug and not a Connect IQ app bug.  I'm going to post a link to this thread in those forums: https://forums.garmin.com/outdoor-recreation/outdoor-recreation/f/fenix-7-series/361024/bug-ios-connect-iq-app-uninstalls-wrong-watch-face

    Still broken with FW 16.16 Beta...

  • It seems to have installed just my favorite watch face in the working state I want. But express on macOS has a whole bunch of other problems. Crashing two times. Not proper support folders for glances (it list them, but you cannot see og manage the content), settings for apps/watch faces not localized and showing in what I guess is the developers language (a language I don’t understand, making it impossible to handle the settings).

  •  - https://forums.garmin.com/outdoor-recreation/outdoor-recreation/f/fenix-7-series/356148/connect-iq-app---deletes-the-wrong-watch-face/1735826#1735826


    Updated April 3, 2024:

    Our engineering team is working on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

    For anyone experiencing the issue willing to provide more information that will be given to our Connect IQ/Connect APP developers, please highlight my name and send me a Private Message. Thank you!

  • Hi, any news ? 3 months later is a very long period when all customers are concerned.

    I receive multiples updates regarding CIQ mobile App, but never try again because it's a garbage to reorder (reidentify ) every content

    I'm part of the support ticket, but never received any updates directly.

  • Hi this has been a constant since purchasing my Tactix AMOLED in January ‘24. Using iOS.

    The issue centers solely around non Garmin watch faces but only faces that are approved and on garmin’s IQ store. 

    Most common problem is I cannnot delete a downloaded and IQ secondary built watch face without affecting all of the additional IQ downloaded (therefore everything I’m working with is Garmin approved) watch faces and in one of the most common examples, when I remove a IQ installed face, that face is bridled shown as deleted but then it comes back after a refresh and then it houdinis all the other faces, sometimes deleting faces I wanted to keep and had spent time on customizing.  I keep at it and try via other routes including opening IQ via Connect and reinstalling evening but the uninstalled secondary watch faces keep coming back and won’t leave (hotel California style!) - trying to keep it light here. After all, this is a watch face problem . Often deletes wrong face and resets multiple watch faces meaning I have to them rebuild each. It’s infuriating and as much as I love this watch after many years with apple and even the ultras, this is bananas. There are more issues and all are centered with watch faces. Then most recently apps began showing up as watch face options too.  

    I am not using express or a computer and don’t have a comp to use. Just iPhone and iPads and the watch. 

    I saw another person, in another forum having similar issues, provided guidance to first revert back to a pre installed and default Garmin watch face before deleting and that did prevent another watch face massacre for the two times I tried. Hoping that this is addressed soon because I love the watch and both the hardware and software otherwise (well mostly software, separate from this insanity above). JoyFlushedRolling eyes