Dexcom G7 not working with existing GC Dexcom data field and glance/app

As the title states, I'm wearing a new Dexcom G7 CGM and have the app installed on my iPhone (works perfectly as long as the iPhone is within 20 feet).  Installed the Dexcom app and data field from CG and walked through the install steps on my Fenix 7X Solar.  No blood sugar data is showing up on the watch data field or app.  Strangely the graph of the glucose data points populates with tiny dots representing blood glucose levels but no numbers and the main data field in the app says "NO DATA".  I started a run and got one initial glucose level then nothing throughout the rest of the 45 minute run, even though I had my phone with me.

It may just be early and there hasn't been time to get the Dexcom apps updated to be compatible with the newer G7 sensor?  I'll be patient.