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ConnectIQ App install problems

I've continued to have problems installing apps on y watch with the ConnectIQ iOS app.   This has been across several different watches and phones.     Pressing "Install" on the ConnectIQ app will either show "installing" and then not actually install or revert to "install queued".  Either way, multiple syncs will not actually install it, and the "install" button will appear in the app again.  This issue has gotten a lot worse since the forced usage of ConnectIQ to install instead of the Connect app.   Is there another way to make these installations work?

It seems to be mostly the iOS app -- a friend installing the same app using the android app hasn't mentioned any problems.  It also installs fine from Garmin express on my laptop.

  • Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Do you have the latest update of the ConnectIQ Store app installed?

  • I do have the latest version of all apps on my phone,  It seems like this is a ConnectIQ bug, as these problems have only seemed to arise after needing to use ConnectIQ instead of Garmin Connect to install.    I've also have had several users of my watches email me asking for assistance in installing or updating apps using ConnectIQ.    I either have to tell them to "just wait until later and try again", which sometimes works, or tell them to just connect to a computer and use express.

  • This sounds like there is an update sent to the Garmin device by the phone. These updates take a long time via BT and this blocks installations from Connect IQ Store. Can you please also check if the Garmin device is up to date via Garmin Express? 

  • The device is up to date as well.   Still having similar install issues.  Again -- not just on my device, and I've seen this from multiple users, multiple devices, and multiple watch faces and apps, who have tried to contact me with the same issue.  

  • I also have noticed ConnectIQ may seem to be corrupting installs as well.   I had an app succesfully installed on my watch. Here are the steps I took that caused it, and it seems to have happend before:

    1) I opened up Garmin "Connect" app, I noticed the app was listed under "update available".

    2) Did not update using Garmin connect, but closed Garmin connect

    3) Opened ConnectIQ App.   

    4) After the waiting screen where it loads my apps, the app was not listed under installed apps.   The app was also not available in my installed apps list on my watch

    Of note -- this app was installed and working fine.  Simply opening the Garmin Connect app, seeing the fact that an app was on the "update available list" (no changes made), and then opening the connectIQ app deleted the app from my watch without any input.

    After this, the app will not install.  This is once specific instance and way that it occurred, but this problem has arisen without these exact steps.

  •  First, I am sorry to hear you are having this ongoing issue. If you could respond with the below information, it would be helpful in starting to offer troubleshooting and/or a resolution. 

    • What version of iOS are you running? 
    • What version of the CIQ app do you have installed? 
    • What Garmin device are you syncing? 
    • What is the SW version installed on your Garmin device? 
    • Does this same issue occur with Apps, Widgets, and Watch Faces? 
  • Obviously not only Connect IQ is broken but also Connect. Since several days I can't change settings in watchfaces, datafields etc. Pressing save does nothing. Going back and I'm asked if I want to exit without saving. So I use Garmin Express but that broke a watchface. I changed a color, now its icons are gone. Some switches don't work what they would do in Connect. So I had to install another watchface where changing settings in Express didn't break it although some switches don't work. But I don't need their functions. It seems that all Garmin software is broken. I use a FR735, my phone is Android.

  • Unfortunately i have similar issues. But for me some data fields will install on my edge 830 others not. Perhaps its realated to permissions? 

  • Hi, I am having loads of issues with installing & updating apps through ConnectIQ. I get tons of support questions from my users not being able o download my apps on their devices, across most of the supported devices and both on Android and iPhone. Right now I ask my users to install through Garmin express but clearly that is not as convenient as through the mobile. 

    Can you please file a ticket on this and start investigating for real, it seems you are not taking this very seriously and without a reliable app distribution system, the whole ConnectIQ ecosystem is broken.

    Thank you in advance


  • Hi. Can someone from the ConnectIQ team please respond to this  issue? This is clearly a major problem and I am surprised that the ConnectIQ team does not seem to care. I get tons of users reaching out to me, having one or several of these problems:

    1. Unable to install app To the device. User taps install in ConnectIQ but get back to the app download page without app being installed. 
    2. App gets stuck in the install queue and never installs. 
    3. ConnectIQ says that update is available for a Garmin app but it’s not possible to update the app.

    these problems are across multiple devices and both on iOS and android. in my opinion app distribution is BROKEN. the least I’d expect is someone that acknowledges this problem and get down to fixing it. But nothing….. as a Garmin app developer, I’m getting sick and tired of all support calls and poor rating due to unable to download or update.