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Map update problem with Garmin Express

I have attempted to update the maps on my Nuvi with the old installer. I was then forced to install the Garmin Express program to do so. The maps and other software updates downloaded alright. However, they never installed on my unit (no warning, no error messages during 5 hours).

I then went to MyDashboard online with the latest Firefox browser. The Garmin site never recognized that the latest Garmin Communicator module was already installed. I then used Internet Expplorer to log into MyGarmin. When I went to the maps update section, I was told that a map update failed and instructed to double-click on the file to start the installation process. However, I never found the bloody file on my computer. I was also offered the choice to entirely remove Garmin Express from my computer. I did so and logged back into MyDashboard. When I attempted to re-download the maps I was again told to install Garmin Express. I did so and I was then informed that it installed correctly. However, the program is now so sluggish that it does not recognize my unit when plugged-in and won't let me register it.

What the hell is going on with your map update process? Is there a solution to my problems?

Frustrated and angry,
  • Wanting to update my Nuvi maps on 680. "Express" was installed as requested/required by Garmin. Updating has supposedly been working for 23+ hours and still not done, no sign of extent of progress. The cute little wheel just turns every couple of seconds, for 23 hours. This can't be right. Any suggestions? Let it keep going? Stop it? Call Garmin? Thanks for any ideas.
  • 2 to 3 hours maybe, 23 then something is wrong. Check your firewall or AV program isn't blocking the download.
  • Nuvi and Garmin Express

    I called in to Garmin, and was helped by very nice person. Checked out the "garmin" file on Computer. Overloaded by all the extraneious languages. Deleted those, restarted process. About half done in 45 minutes. Success is in sight. Cheers.
  • I confirm, Garmin express is crap, since I use it I am not able to sue my Zumo 550 as new map seems each time be installed but when use the GPS NO amp are available and it is impossible to download or downgrade an earlier map version. This is ONE week now that my Garmin GPS is stuck :-((((
  • To be fair many have reported no problems with Express. However where there are problems it's easier for us to point folks at MapUpdater than to try to figure out why Express isn't working on a particular PC/setup. It's also worth saying that where folks have problems with Garmin GPS it's often due to lack of research before buying a product that'll do X whereas they wanted it to do Y, or something as simple as not reading the manual :)
  • Hi Sussmb, I am reading manual, both perfectly understanding what my GPS can do and what I want to do. I am a software engineer, I know my stuff and I know how to use Google.
    I have installed Garmin Express on both OS X (10.8) and Windows 7. Install is successful, adding the device too, but the Garmin Express fails to connect to the update servers, either for checking for GPS device updates or for looking for Garmin Express software updates!! And this not a firewall problem, I have tried to deactivate it on the 2 platforms without better success. I have a residential D-Link router which does not do fancy firewalling stuff, simple NAT rules.
    Garmin Map Updater at least is working! Hopefully Garmin Express will be fixed before the former is decommissioned...
  • I can't get the map updater to recognize my Garmin Nuvi 260w either. The drive shows on the computer and recognizes that it's plugged in, but neither Express (crap) or the old downloader works at all.
  • Have you tried GarminMapUpdater (mentioned in this thread) or are you just ranting?