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Can't install Maps on PC for BaseCamp with new Zumo XT firmware 5.90

Since installing the brand new firmware 5.90 to the Zumo XT the option to install City Navigator maps also on PC for usage with BaseCamp seem's to be gone - only a fresh installation on the unit itself is possible. The whole map administration has been changed and a installation of the maps to quickly access them with BaseCamp without connection of the Zumo XT to the pc is not possible any more.

If this is a bug (some time ago this problem already appeared after a Garmin Express update!), please fix this quickly - but if this is meant to be so, this is i complete no-go for planning some routes on the pc. Even that the Zumo XT has a lot faster access to his onboard maps than the units before, this is no way for working quick and reliable on pre-planned routes. The maps have to be on the pc for this - please change this back... 

  • Are you saying this option isn't available in Express?

  • Yes - if you update your Zumo XT to the new firmware 5.90 you get the new map administration and no more option to install the maps on pc, only a fresh installation on the unit itself is possible...

  • That's bad news indeed. I see little option but to not upgrade maps or firmware until this is fixed.

  • Then as this is an Express issue I'll move it there. Are you running the newest version  of Express as I'm not seeing the problem on any of my devices, although I don't have a Zumo XT

  • Yes, running - but the trigger here is the newest firmware 5.90 for the Zumo XT, not GE! It is confirmed with some guys on the german 'Naviboard', that if you have the former firmware 2.90 on the Zumo XT, you also have the 'old' map administration, where you can install the map also on the pc - as soon as you install the newest firmware 5.90 on your Zumo XT, Garmin Express switches to the new map administration and the option to install the maps also on pc is gone...

    This also occurs on the former version of GE....

    This is how it looks with 'old' Zumo XT firmware 2.90:

    And this is with 'new' Zumo XT firmware 5.90: (other unit, but looks the same for the Zumo XT)

  • Yes, i'm with you at this! DisappointedRage

    At least until the next City Navigator is released, which should be soon i think - so that we can save it to hard disk. Using BaseCamp only always connected to the Zumo is a bad thing, even when the access to unit is much faster than the 59x series. But to work efficiently, the maps have to be on the pc...

  • And for convenience. If someone recommends a new cafe, I want to be able to quickly add it to Basecamp without having to dig out the XT, plug it in and so on.

  • Same issue here. Do we know if this is a bug or deprecated feature?

  • I don't. I guess we give it a few days in case it gets sorted, then nag Garmin.

  • I'm having the same issue after updating. I dont know if it happened after updating Express or the firmware. Allso the IOverlander POIs disappeared and every time i start the GPS it asks me if i accept the sharing of information to 3. parties. It seems slike its a lot of bugs this time around Disappointed