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WMI Host Provider high CPU when running Garmin Express

This was also reported in the thread about GE using 20% CPU, but I thought the WMI-specific issue should be highlighted in its own thread. The problem was also reported in the Forerunner 945 forum. I had been trying to figure this out for a while until I saw that post. Sure enough, quitting out of GE made the high WMI CPU usage stop.


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  • Many thanks, I was crazy with the WMI provider host and this post made my day. Also, GE devs should check this behavior and fix it.

  • Issue still present after installing in GE

  • I am having the same problem. It started a couple of weeks ago when I updated GE.  However during the same period I updated or installed new programs, so was not sure what was causing the high WMI Provider host cpu usage.  I finally, deleted all the programs that were installed in the period and then reinstalled them one at a time.  Everything was great until I reinstalled GE and then the high cpu (10 to 15% all the time) on WMI provider host started again.  I have since remove GE and now my computer is running quiet again.  Hopefully the folks at Garmin will correct this soon.  I have 3 products that depend on GE for updates.

  • I confirm I have the same issue solved by closing out GE

  • Noting GE was fine until Windows Feature Update to version 1909 which occurred for me on the 9th December.

  • Same issue!  Not sure when it started - though I did update GE on 12/19.  My son complained of performance lag in a game today which got me looking around.  I don't think it's related to windows version - I'm still running 1809 (Yikes!  I thought I had taken the spring update this year...).  Development - please take a look at this issue!  GE is disabled for now...

  • Removing the "Always keep Garmin Express running in the background" check box solve my high WMI CPU

    Not a solution, just a way around until Garmin will fix this

  • Same issue here, I already wondered a few days why my laptop has its fans turning almost all the time, then noticed a constant high cpu usage in the WMI provider host. I then started to disable startup programs and identified that Garmin Express is causing this, I now have permanently disabled Garmin Express to do any autostarts and the issue is gone, but resumed as soon Garmin Express is started.

    Running Windows 10 1909 with all available patches till today and issue is there with Garmin Express

  • I came here to report this issue, but see I am not the first.  It has been driving me crazy since I rely on good battery life for my work.  At least the work around is simple, disable it from running it in the background.

  • I have downgraded to and even with background running, the WMI provider CPU problem does not exist (on Windows 10 64 bit). With I was also having problems with syncing a Fenix 5. Some timeline data (steps, sleep) was not syncing. Not sure if this is fixed with the old version of Garmin Express but suspect it might be.