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Any news about next generation? Vivosmart 5

Hi Guys, any news about new Vivosmart? I have V4 and it’s just about to retire. Battery is very weak, display with dead lines etc. Surprisingly still works, but I need a new one! 

  • If, as and when there is a Vivosmart 5 or a successor fitness band, I’d like to see easily changeable straps. It is not a wow! New technology, but it would make a huge difference in the user’s real world, day-to-day experience.

    The Vivofit 4 is a good example. The device is a module that is easily plopped into and out of a silicone band that surrounds it. It seems like that design is readily adaptable to the Vivosmart series. This would make it easier to keep both the device and the strap clean and odor-free. It could also solve the Vivosmart 4’s model’s weakest physical issue — straps that tear too easily rendering the device useless.

  • I’m afraid that Vivosmart line is dead. After many months of waiting for new release, I switch to Fitbit, not  a perfect one, too big, but allows me to wear mechanical watch and band and works fine with tracking and it turned very practical payments. I’m pretty sure there are several Garmin addicted who did the same.

  • Exactly same as I'm looking for.

    Garmin Forums are you looking for any testers of vivosmart5 or a similar device?

    I was imagine similar like described by jneuveglise. A light elegant smart band, potentially as vivosmart 5 with all modern sensors similar to the venue 2 with sleep, respiration, vo2, payment, wifi ... . The vivosmart 4 seems to be comeing into age a lot and hardware is not up to date anymore, missing some interesting sensors. Also the pure rubber band is not as business friendly. 

  • Finders crossed on this one : "Garmin’s new FCC filing is for a “Smart Band”. Could this be a Whoop competitor?"

  • Isn't the new VS5 called the Charge 5 ? 

    Seriously, Garmin not even giving the slightest hint on this is ridiculous. It's been three years. Long enough for my vs4 to stop working and me looking at what else is out there from competition. 

  • Really Garmin, it's getting ridiculous. Not everyone wants such a huge Fenix or forerunner!

    The Vivosmart is perfect for many.

    If something doesn't come soon, the competition will meet the demand!

  • As a matter of fact I already changed to Fitbit, but I will be happy to come back to Garnin. Simply due to integration with other devices. Let's see, competitors are way ahead and especially some Chinese stuff like Xiomi works fine and price is 1/3 of Garmin's level.

  • Was hoping this will be released in Jan, but all we got was another Venu, a huge Epix and more Fenix devices, more than the fingers on both my hands.

  • D-1 before FCC embargo on this "smart band" from Garmin. Fingers crossed !

  • Can you expand a bit more on what this means?  What can we expect in terms of product and timing?