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Any news about next generation? Vivosmart 5

Hi Guys, any news about new Vivosmart? I have V4 and it’s just about to retire. Battery is very weak, display with dead lines etc. Surprisingly still works, but I need a new one! 

  • We are always working on creating new devices to best meet the needs of consumers, however we do not have release dates for any future products until they are announced on
    As for your vivosmart 4, I apologize you are experiencing these issues. Can you please reach out to us directly at for assistance so we can get this resolved for you.
  • Thanks for the answer, my warranty expired on 21.09.2020, so no point in asking for support I guess? Unless you have some good offer.

  • A Vivosmart 5 with sleep tracking by Firstbeat will be great. The Fenix and Forerunner lines are not comfortable to sleep with. A Vivosmart ring with Firstbeat sleep will also be great.

  • A new "Vivochic" (or "Vivoring" as suggested by Aslam) would be nice. 

    All new recent metrics (HRV, SPO2, Respiration, Sleep score) + Vibrating alarm + NFC payments.

    Without a screen and with more premium band materials (leather, ...) to accommodate the days when you fancy your good old elegant watch, and still be able to access your recovery and other info from the app.

    My 2 cents

  • That will be good, still I would keep screen.

  • I noticed that Garmin changed delivery time for most of Vivosmart 4 units to 4-5 weeks in Europe. It probably means that new one is just around the corner.

  • I am used to sleeping with the Fenix 6S Pro now and barely notice it.

  • The band on my first one broke about a month ago - I've had it since shortly after release of the VS4 (lasted almost exactly 2 years). When I inquired about replacing the band, Garmin support told me it was out of warranty, but they would replace the unit anyway (at no cost beyond shipping - they may be trying to keep existing customers happy after the disruption caused by the ransomware attack against them, and also because the bands are inevitably going to break, so having a band that's glued onto the sensor/screen unit so it can't be replaced by the user is really a design flaw).

    You should definitely contact support about the problems. The worst they can do is tell you you'll have to buy a new one at full price, in which case you're no worse off than now, but they might offer a discounted or free replacement, because they will apparently still cover replacements out of the contracted warranty period in some cases.

  • Thanks for the answer, I actually contacted service and get an offer to buy a new unit at lower price (not big deal actually as you can buy at such price in several outlets). I'm in Poland and it happened to me before that other unit was replaced after warranty for free, but not this time. Buying a new V4 is not that interesting as I would expect V5 to come soon, as for now it's one of the oldest products in the range.

  • Garmin seems to have abandoned the dedicated smartbands in favor of more complex smartwatches, which is a shame.  Many of us want a slim form factor tracker.   Both the vivosport and vivosmart 4 are hitting 2+ years old and nothing.  It's a shame I may have to head back to fitbit.