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Garmin Vivomove Style contantly freezes after try to pay

Hi. I don't have good results with garmin support. But I am continuing trying...(I am a idiot)

Beyond the problem to wakeup without need to touch display, like some vibrations as run motorcycle, bycecle, etc that garmin do nothing, this watch have contstants freezes after try to pay anything. After freezes, it do nothing! Do not accept touch, don´t move hands, nothing, like dead! The watch only return to work after put it in charge cable and I need to align hands again. 

This is a fantastic hardware develop, but the software... kkkkkk 

Is it possible to active an "watchdog" to restart the "system" when it freezes?

Software informations: SW 4.00; TSC 2.70; SNS 7.00; NET 2.00

This is the image after freeze: