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What is official status of quick replies?

There is mention of quick replies in oficial user manual here:

However I can not reply using Vivomove Style or edit replies in Garmin app. 

I found out, this feature is only for (maybe specific) Android phones. I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro (Android 10), but no other conditions were specified. For me this is essential feature. I also read similar posts on this forum, some users mention they can reply atleast 'yes'. What is official stutus of quick replies?

  • Hey there! Here is an article regarding replying to messages from your device. Also is the link on how to set the preset messages up. 

  • Hello AmberD, unfortunately there's no such thing.      no menu for editing quick replies. 

    • No buttons (reply or dismiss) on watch when I select notification. When I tap anywhere, watch offers me only dismissing message. 
  • No, that option is conspicuous by its absence from the Vivomove Style options. Replies cannot be edited, and inexplicably, "Yes" isn't even one of the canned responses. Pitiful.

  • Are replies available in Luxe version?

  • Hello! My apologies. In the article I gave, the bolded devices can not have edited text responses. The vivomove lux/style is not compatible with this feature. 

  • Yes, and here they are:

    "Sorry, can't talk now"



    "On my way!"


    So if someone asks you if you finished that important job you were asked to do, and you did finish it, you have to go with "Thanks!"

  • OK, fair enough, but I still don't know how reply. When I get SMS or Messenger message, button reply simply is not there ...  Anywhere I tap, watch just ask me about dismissing... 

  • Ok, however I still can not figure out how to reply. Reply button just is not there. I posted video in my previous comment yesterday. Can you help? I own style version. 

  • Hello, I still can not reply messages. Can you check video I posted yesterday?

  • I don't see that "Clear" text on mine. I see "Reply or Dismiss" with appropriate buttons below (although the buttons are in the opposite order).