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VO2Max no longer updating - Software v3.90 - Vivomove Style

Hi all, 

it seems that since the update to 3.90 (Vivomove Style), the watch is not providing an estimate of VO2max during running activities. Before the update, the watch would provide an estimate for all the runs. Is this a known issue? 


  • I’ve checked yesterday, will try again shortly!

  • Can you post the change log for 4.0?

  • Hey there!! My apologies, we missed this thread of posting by accident. We just posted them for you!

  • That's great, I am glad the update went through!

  • As I posted previously, my Style got the update this morning when I sync'd with Garmin Express. Just came back from a run, automatic update to VO2 Max level is working again (sort of...) The 4 weeks, 12 weeks and 6 months graphs got an additional data point with today's date. However, the Current value (the screen with the color wheel) is still stuck on April 19...

    The watch shows the updated value as well, in the "Heart Stats -> VO2 Max" screen. Since it is one point higher than the April 19 value (as shown also on the 4w, 12w and 6m graphs), I can tell it is really the latest value.

    It is just the stubborn "color wheel" page being stuck Rage

    Anybody else having this problem?

    , any clue as to why is that?

    Just in case, I cleaned the cache of the Garmin Connect app, force stopped and restarted it (I have an Android phone), nothing.

    Rebooted the phone, nothing, the stupid color wheel does not update.

    Is the value calculated in the watch, phone or by the Garmin's servers? I will give it some time to see if it updates later on, once it syncs-up a few more times. Still VERY annoying, though.

  • I haven't got a chance to try yet - I've literally just updated the watch and it's a bit too late over here to go out ;) I'll try tomorrow and post here!

  • Hey, I see that you emailed in, I will reach out to her and another teammate and I will be in touch with you today. 

  • I’ve got the same at the end btw. I’ve got a new reading on the 4w, 12w and 6m but not on the “current” tab :(

  • Good morning , yes, Cheryl had emailed me to follow-up on the 4.0 update and yesterday night I emailed back with the same feedback I posted here.

    As of this morning, the "Current" VO2 Max value (the color wheel) is still stuck on April 19, in the Garmin Connect web page as well, not just in the app.

    Oddly, it has been updated correctly in the watch and the 4w, 12w and 6m graphs in both the Garmin Connect app and web page.

    Whatever it is, it appears to be an issue with the way the data is processed for the display of the "Current" value page, whether that be in app or on the web page.