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VO2Max no longer updating - Software v3.90 - Vivomove Style

Hi all, 

it seems that since the update to 3.90 (Vivomove Style), the watch is not providing an estimate of VO2max during running activities. Before the update, the watch would provide an estimate for all the runs. Is this a known issue? 


  • Thanks for chiming in. I am very curious to see what happens after May 19, if it starts measuring again in my case too. I do not care about the absolute number, but the relative change over time is a useful metric. I got my Style in August 2020 and I could see the VO2 Max improving over all the months that I run regularly and then decreasing when during winter I scaled down my outdoor running.

    When it was working it tracked my condition pretty well, although VO2 Max alone is not as sophisticated as the more extensive metrics in other watches, but I knew that, if I wanted a hardcore running watch I would have purchased one of the Forerunner series. Not complaining, just stating a fact.

  • My watch (vivomove style) updated software to 4.00 yesterday. I haven't had a chance to verify a walk or run yet. Here's to hoping this issue is fixed! 

  • Ah, how interesting! Where are you located? I expect then a message here on the forum about the release of the new FW version. I just checked my Style and it is still on 3.90.

    As soon as I can take a break from work I will try to connect the watch with Garmin Express and see if by any chance the update is being already pushed through it. 

  • Hey! It's still going out in phases! Let me know once your updated how the device is performing. 

  • thanks for chiming in. As of noon time on the US East Coast I still did not get the update on Garmin Express, it will probably be pushed in the next day or two.

    Is it advisable to perform a reset + delete watch files following the FW update? 

  • I do not think it will be necessary, I just suggest syncing through Garmin Express and you should be good to go!

  • I’m in TX.  I did get a chance to take a 30 min walk w/GPS this afternoon and my VO2 max value updated!  My previous manual VO2 measurement was on 5/7 and today’s walk logged another entry for 5/11.

  • I am in MA and my Style got updated to 4.0 this morning when I sync'd it using Garmin Express. Everything seems to be working fine, I will go for a run later this afternoon, we'll see if VO2 Max gets updated during a GPS-tracked run.

  • Any idea when the update is available in Europe?

  • The  update should already be available for you. Have you tried syncing with Garmin Express?