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Vibrations waking-up the watch after update to 3.90

I'm very disappointed with Garmin Vivomove Style. After update to 3.90 the problems increased!

The clock wake-up with any vibration, no need to touch on glass to wake-up.

When I am riding my motorcycle the display stays on all the time because vibrations of motor!

If I run, the display stays on because vibrations created with impacts when running!

If my arm receive vibrations, the watch wake-up too! 

I love the style of this watch, but the software is very poor. I think the programmers no use this clock. It is not possible to have a big quantity of problems!

The touch is very inaccurate to touch. If you try to enter, the clock go to next option. Is difficult to realise 2x clicks to start functions because the watch not understand the 2 taps!

How I do a downgrade without the app force clock to go to last update?

thank you. 

  • Hello! It looks like we have a few threads regarding this and the same users commenting on all. This is in part why we have been asking for data from folks so frequently. I am going to close this thread and if we can continue to comment here on this thread I have listed vivomove Luxe/Style gesture we can continue to grab information to keep adding to our ticket. The more information we have the better.

    As mentioned  in both of the other threads, We appreciate the patience while we work on this and can confirm this has been escalated.