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Vibrations waking-up the watch after update to 3.90

I'm very disappointed with Garmin Vivomove Style. After update to 3.90 the problems increased!

The clock wake-up with any vibration, no need to touch on glass to wake-up.

When I am riding my motorcycle the display stays on all the time because vibrations of motor!

If I run, the display stays on because vibrations created with impacts when running!

If my arm receive vibrations, the watch wake-up too! 

I love the style of this watch, but the software is very poor. I think the programmers no use this clock. It is not possible to have a big quantity of problems!

The touch is very inaccurate to touch. If you try to enter, the clock go to next option. Is difficult to realise 2x clicks to start functions because the watch not understand the 2 taps!

How I do a downgrade without the app force clock to go to last update?

thank you. 

  • I have the same issue! Its annoying and the battery last significant shorter. 2 Light strokes with the hand wake up the watch.

  • Please, any person capable to revert it to 3.70? It is unusable after update to 3.90!!!
    If any person that think to buy this watch, DO NOT COMMIT THIS MISTAKE, buy another brand! The Garmin crack this expensive watch! Don't waste your money with it!

  • Hello!  I am sorry this has happened. I would like to get a case opened on this for you, may I reach out to via email to collect some information?

  • Are you opening a case for any person here? I am not the first to call this problem! what your team need to understand the problem of this? This is one of some other problems that watch have! Is so difficult to create a update 3.91 with some firmware of 3.70? What information you need? Did you have opportunity to use this watch to see how bad programmable it is? Simple, use it and you see the problems. I'm wating reply of what information you need.

  • I am sorry again for the experience you are having so far with this device. I am going to email you with everything we need to get this over to the engineers. 

  • your "Engineers" uses this product? Or only program for Garmin? Because I think the second option is more convenient... Tell your "engineers" to test the touch of this watch to see the poor quality it have! All problem of this watch is around "how difficult is to wake-up this watch using double tap" and "inconsistency of touch movements like swap, click" ! I love the design and hardware of this watch, but your "engineers" not love to program it, or have no feeling with the hardware/human! Or worse, the hardware of touch is poor quality. I think that problem is not in hardware, but in your team.

  • I completely understand your frustration, I have reached out to my team regarding this. I can assure you this has been escalated and this issue is currently being looked into. 
  • I agree. I noticed this behaviour as well. Please fix. Pray tone1

  • What is so difficult to create an "update" with 3.70 archive version or able users to do a downgrade??? I am not able to use an expensive watch because it drains battery very fast and Garmin team using users as "lab rat" of developers! Ridiculous!

  • Same here and it totally sucks. Renders my watch useless.