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gesture turned off but screen waking up when shaking wrist after 3.90? (vivomove luxe)

I've got a silver vivomove luxe and am really happy with it; a really solid upgrade after my vivomove hr.

After the recent 3.90 software upgrade I've noticed that the screen will be turned on if I shake my wrist. It will consistently turn on the gesture screen if I shake my wrist twice. I have the gesture option turned off as I find it a little distracting and want to save battery life.

I have tried

  • explicitly setting to gesture on, then sync, then set gesture to off and sync (device > appearance > display options > gesture)
  • resetting to default settings on watch then repeating above
  • putting watch on other wrist (normally on right wrist as I'm left handed)

Has anyone else found this? Any ideas on how to disable it??