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gesture turned off but screen waking up when shaking wrist after 3.90? (vivomove luxe)

I've got a silver vivomove luxe and am really happy with it; a really solid upgrade after my vivomove hr.

After the recent 3.90 software upgrade I've noticed that the screen will be turned on if I shake my wrist. It will consistently turn on the gesture screen if I shake my wrist twice. I have the gesture option turned off as I find it a little distracting and want to save battery life.

I have tried

  • explicitly setting to gesture on, then sync, then set gesture to off and sync (device > appearance > display options > gesture)
  • resetting to default settings on watch then repeating above
  • putting watch on other wrist (normally on right wrist as I'm left handed)

Has anyone else found this? Any ideas on how to disable it??

  • Yes, problem still persists.

    I have SW 4.0 installed, did as you described but eg. when shaking 3-4 times a hand then display wakes up as it was on SW3.9.

    Also did two times factory reset with wiping all data and also problem was not fixed Disappointed

    I have noticed also that on 4.0 water level is sometimes increasing or decreasing itself, eg  I add 1 cup and level after that should be let's say 2500ml but before screen is off itself adds sometime 2 aditional cups or decrease 2. Really strange.

  • I also have the problem with screen on after shakes, last update doesn’t help. 
    There is one more problem with battery live, my watch turned off after 3 days in use I miss the alarm and hands was on twelve o’clock but I was sure my watches must work more than week without smart functions.

  • Thanks for update, but nothing has changed.

    I've tryed syncing and turning gesture on and off then syncing again. Watch still wakes up from even slightly shaking it or tapping at the side not even touching the screen.S

    So again I am putting my watch away to drawer. With hope that another update comes soon and will finally sort the problem.


  • Yes, nothing here too. I think that model of watch is on hand of noobs. And others models with programers.
    This function is not new, because it worked on 3.70!
    If the Garmin is not interest on this model more, turn it OpenSource and seed previous firmwares (3.70)!



  • It could be gret if we could downgrade it back to 3.70. But.. not sure why it seems so difficult. I was ahout to sell my watch, but now its plenty of them on second hand market. Probably everyone trying to get reed of them after those issues with 3.9 update...  

  • 3 months! 3 MONTHS!!!

    And the problem stays the SAME! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    This Company is a joke!!

    Have bad developers, as I can see! If it has...

  • I swear I've abandoned my watch in a drawer. I can't even sell it because I will loose 50% of the price I've paid.

    I had it for about two months only, until they decided to publish this bloody software update.

    And now I have to wait until they manage to solve it. I reckon they will release a new watch model sooner....

    And absolutely no support or any offers from Garmin... Is this forum even a real thing?!

  • Hello! This issue was fixed with our recent software update. If you have reset your device and synced with Garmin Express and your device is still not corrected then I would encourage you to please out to your local support to see if they can provide any options for you. After clicking this link you can scroll to the very bottom and select where you are located. Garmin Support.