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gesture turned off but screen waking up when shaking wrist after 3.90? (vivomove luxe)

I've got a silver vivomove luxe and am really happy with it; a really solid upgrade after my vivomove hr.

After the recent 3.90 software upgrade I've noticed that the screen will be turned on if I shake my wrist. It will consistently turn on the gesture screen if I shake my wrist twice. I have the gesture option turned off as I find it a little distracting and want to save battery life.

I have tried

  • explicitly setting to gesture on, then sync, then set gesture to off and sync (device > appearance > display options > gesture)
  • resetting to default settings on watch then repeating above
  • putting watch on other wrist (normally on right wrist as I'm left handed)

Has anyone else found this? Any ideas on how to disable it??

  • I do experience the same thing.

    Quite annoyance. Previously I had to tap quite hard on the watch to get it to lit, but now it is almost already on when I am just trying to look at the watch, (usually when it is hidden under my jacket), even though the gesture setting is off. 

  • I see that too.

    Even when the watch is placed on a table, it turns on when typing too hard on my keyboard.

    It seems that the sensitivity has increased a great deal.

  • Hello! Is anyone of you able to provide a short video of this happening; showing that the gesture is set to off and then the screen turning on with a gesture of the wrist?

  • Hi,

    attached two videos:

    One showing watch turning on a slight move while on a table, and another video showing the watch not turning on while moving hand.

    The gesture is set to off as shown in attached screenshot. (Is in Norwegian but states that gesture only while in activity.)

    Hope it helps.

    Click here to play this video Click here to play this video

  • Hi.

    Attached a video that show my gesture is off and while shaking my hand the watch will turn on.

  • Okay, thank you for these videos! Can I reach out to both of you from Garmin to collect some more information?

  • Thanks for your response, I've attached another video. I can be contacted via email in profile if required, you may have enough people now as it seems several people are affected.

    settings in garmin connect:

  • Thank you all! I have sent you an email!