Digital display not working - Replaced

Just for info:

Everything was working fine, analog hands moving, garmin connect sync, HR, notifications vibration, but no digital display. How can you troubleshoot this with a "factory reset"? You cannot because the only way to do that is through the digital display menus, no option for that on garmin connect or express. I've sent it to garmin support and they sent me back a new watch.

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  • Saddened by my Garmin’s performance, short life, and the company’s  offer of 10% off a replacement (no thanks!), I have asked Santa for an Apple Watch.  Several friends have had theirs for years with positive reviews.  TBD- We shall see.  Regardless, Garmin needs to address the problem or lose customers who are seeking out that company who values their business. 

  • Well crap, wish I'd seen these comments without having to look for this specific problem after the fact. My watch is now out of warranty and fading.  Support told me it's dead pixels and they can't fix it.  They said I'd have to pay $120 to replace it with a refurbished watch. I can still buy this watch brand new for about $170. And why would I pay so much for a refurbished watch that won't last long due to being the same watch and it'll have the same issues. Refurbished means it's already used and already old. Guess we should stick with a brand that actually backs up their products or at least fixes known issues. They seem to have had this problem for at least 6 years,  yet keep selling them for hundreds of dollars knowing they'll die in about two years. Seriously!?

  • Refurbished means it's already used and already old.

    I've had refurbished watches from Garmin. Their refurbish process means you'll receive a watch that is indistinguishable from a new watch. Often doesn't have the same issue as the original watch, if it's something they can test before shipping it to you. At least that has been my experience.

    Although, with a vivomove HR, not sure I'd want to go that route again, as Garmin has come a long way since this watch was released over 6 years ago.