Pairing difficulties

My watch started regularly restarting,  so I performed a hard reset back to factory specs.   But now,  my watch will pair with my smart phone,  but not with my tablet.   When I attempt to pair to the tablet I get an on screen message on my watch that it is already paired. 

I have wiped Garmin connect from my phone and tried to pair to the tablet (so that I know that it is definitely not paired with another device) and get the same result.  I have been paired to both devices for years,  so I know that pairing to 2 devices works,  but my tablet just won't seem to connect.  

Both my tablet and cell phone are Samsung products.

Any suggestions? 

  • Its probably bluetooth on the tablet that remembers the old pairing. You can try to clean the bluetooth cache.

  • Thanks hhasert.  I have done the following.   Cleared the bluetooth cache on both the tablet and the telephone.   Uninstalled and reinstalled the Garmin Connect app on both devices.   Then,  with the cell phone turned off,  I attempted to install and pair the watch on the tablet.   The tablet worked is way through the install, provided the 6 digit installation code,  but then advised that the installation had failed.   So,  I  turned off the tablet and tried installing on the cell phone.   No problems and the installation proceeded as normal.  I then turned off the cell phone and returned to the tablet to try an install.   As before, it went through the installing procedure,  but when I attempted to pair the phone,  the watch advised that it was already paired and would proceed no further.  So,  the watch is currently paired to the cell,  but still not paired to the tablet.   However,  so long as my cell phone is kept turned on,  the tablet will reflect the data that is collected by the cell.   But if I turn off the cell phone,  the tablet will not update..... because it is not paired to the watch and is relying on the data collected by Garmin via the cell phone. 

  • Sounds complicated ;-) I have no experience with pairing to two devices, so I cannot advise you further I am afraid. I would pose this challenge to garmin support. The only other trick I know is clearing the dalvik cache (which is a procedure called formatting the cache partition (see f.i. I am not completely sure that would help, but harmless and you can give it a try. 

  • Thanks again for your suggestions.   I'll try wiping the cache partition and will advise whether that worked. 

  • I tried formatting the cache partition, but...... no joy.   Thanks again! 

  • Hi I a  having the same problem been in contact with  Garmin tech team and have had no joy so far they asked for a diagnostic report  to be sent from the app but it failed to send and a pop up saying app has a bug and will now close appeared, I have sent them some images to try and help. I will update here if they can sort it 

  • Hi 2479573.  My pairing problem continues.   And the intermittent shutting down and starting persists. Looks like it's on its last legs.  This is my second Vivoactive3,  and the first had a similar fate.   I'm thinking it's time for a change.  Please let me know if you find a solution for your problem.  I appreciate your response. 

  • I will, still waiting for tech support  to get back to me since last message, my watch has been fine 5/6 days battery life , just started having problems pairing the watch with the app last week I have reset watch and reinstalled app numerous times but no chang, then when trying to send diagnostic  report I got a pop up that closed the app saying app has a bug. I had considered replacing watch it is over 3 years old but it was working fine, and overall I am very happy with it.

  • Hi 2479573.  I'm throwing in the towel on the vivoactive 3.  It is regularly shutting down,  re-booting, pairing and then losing connection etc etc.  And I think I've had a good run with it.   I've purchased a Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical watch.  It's on sale on Amazon (Canada)  for $300+ off of the regular price.  I'm reasonably happy with Garmin's performance (I've had one Garmin or another for several years), so I'm hoping for good luck with the new watch. 

    Good luck with solving your pairing problem. 

  • Hi Spectre, I hope you like your Garmin instinct I was looking at them yesterday and am tempted but have to watch the cash flow at the moment. Still haven't heard back from tech support since I pointed out that others are reporting the same problem might just be the fact it is the weekend I guess. Anyway thanks for your good wishes be nice to hear how  you find the instinct once you given it a proper try out,