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Bluetooth on but wifi and the other icon are not blinking.

I restarted my index scale yesterday and I am not able to pair it with my phone again. The three Icons are blinking and as soon as I turn on my bluetooth two of the icons stop blinking and the bluetooth icon is steady. When try to sync the ios app with the index the answer is "device not found". Any help or suggestions. 

  • Same problem. After sifting through the internet for hours I tried setting up the scale with my wife's iPhone 12 (I have an XS) and it worked instantly. Feel like Garmin could have put this simple bug right at the top of the list. Hope that helps someone out there.

  • Me too. I fix after 2 months with the following steps:

    1. CLOSE your garmin connect app (or turn off your iphone)

    You’ll see the all icon blink so the index is in setup mode 

    2. From another iphone launch GC with another account (my wife) and magically find index scale.

    setup and invite myself from my wife’s account

  • Delete the Garmin app and reinstall. After this adding the index scale works as it should