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Index Scale won't connect with Garmin App


I have had this scale for years.. All of a sudden it is no longer connected to the Garmin app. App says it's connected but scale does not recognize myself or my wife. WIFI Icon is off no change to password or router.. So I went into app selected the device and they are not communicating any longer.. I did put the scale on the wrench when trying to communicate.. I changed the batteries nothing.. So I uninstalled the app and started fresh by setting up my devices.. App still can't connect to the scale. Wrench is on and the app states "Setting up device" but the details is showing me that it keeps timing out while connecting to the device. 

Not sure what to do next. 

  • it doesn't works. I don't have another iPhone, try to register new account but the index scale not find, not find via Bluetooth from iPhone, not find via wifi and wps, very annoied.

    About my opinion, it's rubbish, order from amazon a Chinese balance for 30 euro and works better without any issues