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Scale not registering - Body Fat %, Water %, Muscle Mass & Bone Mass

I've just bought the Index Scale, which by some stroke of luck unlike some others I had no problem linking to my Connect account.

The problem I am having is that the scale is not registering any of the metrics for Body Fat %, Water %, Muscle Mass & Bone Mass. Regardless of where I stand on the scale all I am getting is the Weight & BMI

The Weight & BMI is being uploaded to Connect, however the other metrics don't appear there either.

Although I don't believe it's a Garmin Connect issue, I've tried numerous resets & reconnects using both WPS & GCM set-ups without success in getting the additional metrics.

The scale is running F\W, although it was running when I first got it and had some difficulty in getting the F/W to update, but got there in the end.

Is anyone else having issues where the above metrics are not being recorded?
  • My BMI is 22 and I am not getting the body fat measurement for the last week either. Last reading was just above 10% body fat one week ago. So it doesn't seem  to be related to this 19 BMI number people have been talking about.

  • Has there been any solutions to this yet? My scale was working just fine for a while and now does not show any metric except for BMI.

  • I've recently purchased these scales but it doesn't seem to be accurate or consistent. I'm weighing myself every morning at roughly the same time prior to eating but on the app it asks if it's me as the weight varies by so much from day to day.I do have my son as a guest on the app but ensure it's my reading prior to measuring myself, am I doing something wrong??

  • My scale has been broken for about 6 months I pulled it apart today and saw that the 3 out of 4 tabs on the wires connecting to the top of the scale have disconnected.   It seems to me to be a design defect.  Wires are at the top of the image in the circle.

  • I've been having the same issue ever since I got the scale. I think it worked like 2-3 times but very random.