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Calories - how accurate is it?

In my last session, the watch showed for 75min swim (81min + rests), 4000M distance, 1016 calories.
assuming I have the correct weight update in the watch, how reliable is this number?

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    I was curious about calorie count too. I did 3750m yesterday and it said I burned 1050cal. Im 215lbs. I think it must be pretty close to actual. I like to use it as a motivator to do a few more laps. when I see im close to a nice round number ill swim a few more lengths than maybe I would have to boost it up a little.
  • Are you doing drills? I don't think drill logging counts toward your total calories.

    Ah that's what i was trying to find out... is there anyway for the 920 to count calories while in drill logging?
  • Calories are not estimated during drill logging. A drill could be a lot of things, skulling, kicking, one-arm butterfly, etc. The watch does not know and hence does not estimate Calories.
  • I get the same, at the end of the day it doesn't no how efficient you are does it, so unless you're capturing heart rate, pretty inaccurate.