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Software 9.8 is available

Amazing, I updated to 9.80 now and - no loss of time setting, no loss of activities.... it seems that Garmin is able to learn and improve the processes ...

  • Yes. I have been doing 5-6 runs since then, and it was only the very first run after updating to FW v9.80 that was missing the Stryd data. I did see an oddity where the watch would go <beep> and "Updating..." several times in a row, but a reboot of the watch cured that.

    I think that you can safely update your 735.

  • Well, crap.

    I had my second loss of Stryd data yesterday. This is the 2nd out of 9 runs I've done with FW v9.80 where no Stryd data was recorded in the FIT file (and yes I could see the power numbers during the run).

    Can I downgrade to v9.70? - I never had problems with that. This one does a lot of the "Updating..." stuff and drops the Stryd connection.

    I'm not angry, I'm disappointed.

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    hi, sorry to hear about the mishap

    use off line sync and upload the stryd data to power center ?

    happy & safe sporting

  • I updated to 9.80 (6f1f594) and have GPS version 3.30 but now whenever I go for a ride I keep losing GPS signal. It was really obvious when I have auto stop-start on (cause it kept beeping) and recorded less than half the distance but the time out and the map of the route (in GarminConnect) was correct. On a run it seems to be okay matching a planned route distance quite well. Not sure with the open water swim though. Anybody else experienced this or know how to fix it?

  • I have the same problem

  • I was advised firstly to delete the cycling profile and re-instal it, but that didn't work for me. Then I was advised to remove any sensors that were connected i.e. cadence, and that has worked. So I am going to clean the sensor on the bike, replace the battery and reconnect it to my watch to see if that works. If not I will have to upgrade the speed/cadence sensors.

  • After update GPS connection gets lost all the least displayed speed gets to 0 with a beep...I want to downgrade to previous version. How can I get the download file? Thx 

  • Unfortunately every recent software release from Garmin on the 735XT has been a pile of junk.  They fix one issue (freezing on USB) only to screw up another (poor GPS).  How can I go back to pre-9.6 software?  I'm sick of this an thinking of ditching Garmin altogether.