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No Bluetooth pairing on 15.30

I recently updated my Edge 1000 to 15.30. After the update I tried to pair my device with a new phone and it refuses to complete the pairing process. I have tried pairing through the Connect app and through Bluetooth settings. Each time it gets to the phase where the phone displays the Bluetooth pairing code but the Edge device does not show the code or go any further. It stops here-

  • Same here - I have tried all the suggestions, tried update to latest 15.50 firmware, but had to go with factory reset of Edge 1000 (phone is Samsung S20 5G).

    I got to this issue probably by first pairing the new phone to Garmin directly in Bluetooth settings (where Garmin showed a matching code), only later continuing in the pairing process in Garmin Connect which started producing new pairing code, which than never got shown on Garmin and I got stuck.

  • With all the $$$$$ you spend on a Garmin product. You'd just expect it to work. Work well and work properly. I will be hard pressed on the future to purchase another Garmin product. They are not the only contenders making these products we have come to know and love. I would look elsewhere for a better customer experience?

  • Bluetooth connections to my Edge 1000 feels like a completely dark art.  Had issues with every phone I've owned - most recent has been the issue where the bluetooth passcode appears on the phone but not the Edge 1000.  Edge then says it's connected, but the phone says it's failed.  Have followed the steps outlined multiple times to have the same issue each time.  A factory reset worked for me too - but it's crazy that it takes a factory reset to get bluetooth to work.

  • Hi Garmin Forums can you acknowledge that there is a bluetooth pairing issue?
    Thanks for the forum but can someone from Garmin actually just say something?

  • Same for me as well can no longer connect to edge 1000

  • Hi all, just went through the same issue again with a new phone and my edge 1000 (been here a few times) but as I was out for a ride earlier I didn't want to do a factory reset and then loose my ride. I did manage to eventually get connected without a reset and this is how I did it:

    1. Unpair garmin on your phone and unpair phone from garmin if it's connected

    2. Connect to a different phone, I connected to my partners (iPhone XR), signed into my account on her phone and did a full setup.

    3. Forget that phone on the device and log out of your account on the phone.

    4. Connect to your phone (Samsung s20 in my case) and go through the full setup process again and I had no issues.

  • this doesn't work for me. Factory reset also doesn't work. garmin connect 4.22 apk -- no effect too. Android 10.

  • This didn't work for me. Something to keep in mind is that removing the Edge 1000 from Garmin Connect devices completely disconnects it from Garmin's ecosystem.

    I had to factory reset the device to get it connected over bluetooth and I'll probably never get the thing back to where it was.

    Despite the frustration, it's hard to complain too much about a 7 year old device.

  • thank you, tried the factory reset, its works with blue-tooth.

  • Thank you very much. This worked for my S21. I tried all the other solutions. Luckily I saw your reply as I was on the point to factory reset.