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No Bluetooth pairing on 15.30

I recently updated my Edge 1000 to 15.30. After the update I tried to pair my device with a new phone and it refuses to complete the pairing process. I have tried pairing through the Connect app and through Bluetooth settings. Each time it gets to the phase where the phone displays the Bluetooth pairing code but the Edge device does not show the code or go any further. It stops here-

  • Can you try the following

    1) Open the Garmin Connect Mobile App

    2) Go to the more section on the App

    3) Go down to "Garmin Devices" and select this

    4) Click on your device and the 3 dots on the corner then select "Remove Device" and "Yes"

    5) Come out of Garmin Connect App and go into settings of the phone and select "Bluetooth"

    6) Under Bluetooth it should state "Edge 1000" forget this connection

    7) Turn Bluetooth off and then mobile off

    8) Remove connection on the Edge 1000 if there is one and turn off Edge 1000

    9) Turn mobile phone on and Bluetooth on

    10) Open up Garmin Connect Mobile App

    11) Turn Edge 1000 on

    12) Use Garmin Connect App to "Add Device" and follow the instructions

    FYI I'm using Edge 1000 version 15.30 and OnePlus 5 Android phone and Bluetooth is working fine and syncing.

  • Thank you. This worked. However, whatever this update does should be rectified immediately. This happened just prior to a big race I have coming up in 2 weeks. If it happened the day before I would have thrown the Garmin away.

  • Your situation is an odd one as something must have changed in your settings / setup as when I updated to 15.30 I didn't have any Bluetooth connection problems at all.

    Glad you got it fixed ready for your race.

  • Didn't work. I get to the step where it shows the pairing code on the Garmin App but the Edge 1000 never shows the code and doesn't pair. 

  • Same here. Using Samsung S10+ and the pairing code appears on the phone but the Edge unit keeps looking for the phone. No pairing possible. And the Garmin unit doesn't wirelessly sync the new data anymore. I have to plug it to the computer.  Really annoying !! What's the solution ????

  • I have exactly the same issue. I've followed the 100 step process 3 times now and am about to launch the E1000 into Orbit. This is the last Garmin i buy.

    Using a Samsung S10e

    Edit: since tried it several more times always fails

  • I am having the same issue with Pixel XL 4, anyone get it to work, I'd removed, restarted, turned wifi off, etc...etc..

  • It is essential to remove the Edge from the Connect App on the phone.  Otherwise is till not detect it.

  • Yep, been through ALL the instructions several times.

  • I have the same problem where I cannot finish pairing due to no code displayed on Garmin but my daughter's phone connects straight away (same pjone make and model) the above didn't work for me