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Edge 1000 - GPS+GLONASS problem

Last 3 years, my EDGE 1000 works perfectly and I had always turned-on GPS+GLONASS by default. Last 3 days I´m facing first time with "not acquiring satellites" issue. I reset it on factory settings but it doesn´t helps.

If I use only GPS, then it finds satellite and works normally. When I choose GPS+GLONASS, it finds satellites every 10 - 15 mins for 4-5 sec. and most of time is in searching mode, without connection.

Bluetooth & WiFi is OFF by default.

It is updated on latest version v15.20.

Please help

  • Yes this problem has been resolved

  • I have a Garmin etrex 35 Touch. I noticed when I was hiking this past Monday, January 16, 2023 I was having those issues with the Glonass / GPS signal. It would be at  4 bars then go down to bar. I couldn’t figure it out. Then I experimented with just the GPS setting. It worked fine. Unfortunately I don’t own a computer just a IPhone 11 Pro. So if there is any updates that require a computer I’m in trouble. None of my friends own a computer. I’ll guess I’ll use the GPS setting from now on. I also own an Oregon 700 gps and a Garmin etrex 32x gps. So I’ll switch those to gps settings on my satellite page.