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Edge 1000 - GPS+GLONASS problem

Last 3 years, my EDGE 1000 works perfectly and I had always turned-on GPS+GLONASS by default. Last 3 days I´m facing first time with "not acquiring satellites" issue. I reset it on factory settings but it doesn´t helps.

If I use only GPS, then it finds satellite and works normally. When I choose GPS+GLONASS, it finds satellites every 10 - 15 mins for 4-5 sec. and most of time is in searching mode, without connection.

Bluetooth & WiFi is OFF by default.

It is updated on latest version v15.20.

Please help

  • Hi, it is known for me, sometimes i noticed the same, i wanted to record a video about satellite status view because it was weird just i was too lazy and used on that day only with GPS setting. After i synced at home (via Garmin Express by usb cable) and it was working good for a while. 

  • You need to sync the edge 1000 either using Bluetooth/WiFi or connected to Garmin Express so that the satellite coordinates are downloaded and updated which helps when finding satellites.

  • It found and locked every GPS sats immediately (checked via sat status view page), if i switched to GPS+Glonass, it lost the perfect lock and the sat bars started to blinking, the accuracy field changed between 1xx meter and --- and never wanted to lock the signal, i switched back to only GPS, it locked again immeditely with 3m accuracy with perfect coordinates, changed back to +Glonass and the nightmare also started. So it is Glonass related (or GPS chipset fw related, the Glonass started to broadcast new interoperable signal from a few sat/s/ as test phase and maybe it ruins everything...)

  • I experienced the exact same issue as you described a couple of months ago, I left it by a window to find the satellites and always keep it updated and haven't had a problem since.

  • I always keep it updated , sync it everyday 1-2times (before and after a ride minimum). So it could be a faulty epo (or the other 3 gps chip related) file via sync or what i wrote before, the Glonass test phase thing. I couldnt find out due to there is no debug screen or something inbuilt.. and i had this issue 2-3 times for sure ( i ride my bike everyday so maybe i had this issue more often)

  • Of course I sync! I sync with G.Exp. frequently... it´s not a solution.

  • We have identified a problem with the GPS+GLONASS option and we are working on a resolution. As a current workaround, using GPS only will allow you to acquire a GPS signal. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • Matthew , can i write to You pm somehow ( i tried to contact with support via email in the past but it was a nightmare) ? i found a GPSchipset<->CPU related bug (apprx already found it 6months before but nobody answered to my posts/emails) in various Garmin models (with +GLONASS or +GALILEO, doesnt matter, i experienced it with Edge 520, 820,830,1000, 1030, even with Fenix3 also!), and it causes the speed graph on Strava (which is calculated the speed from Distance field) looks terrible. The issue is that somewhy the CPU doesnt get position within 1s ( the head unit is on 1s recording) from GPS chip everytime and put the latest position again (duplicated LAT/LONG values ) to the FIT file (and in this case the Distance field will be the same as the previous one), the 3rd record is already good again but it causes a jump in distance .  And this happens for example 160 times  during a 90mins workout, on clear sky, with perfect satellite view (so it is not signal loss or similar) . And it is a freshly formatted, master resetted unit, no CIQ, no Bluetooth, no navigation or workout during the ride , just a simple recording. And today i found it at my 2 friends, with a 830 ( i dont know the exakt GPS setting but i can ask) , and the other with 820 (+Galileo setting) 

  • Do you have a timescale when this problem will be resolved?

  • Would be nice to have a Edge1000 forum though.

    Is the old Edge 1000 forum coentent downloadable for off-line use?