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Not uploading activity - Corrupt File

Hi all,

Hoping one of the experts here can assist.

Been off the bike for 6 months so the Garmin hasn't been used for a while. I went for a ride for the first time in a while and the activity wouldn't sync via bluetooth with my phone, when I got home I plugged it into my computer and again it wouldn't syn with with Garmin connect or Garmin Express. I copied the .fit file across to my desktop and tried uploading it manually but got a 'corrupt file' error.

Thought about uploading the file here as I've seen people are able to fix a corrupt file, so I brought the Garmin into work and plugged it into the work PC and now the whole garmin seems to be corrupt, I navigated into the activities folder and the attached image is what it looks like.  

Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Try deleting the entire activities folder. It will be recreated on the next boot up

  • Thanks Peter, Interestingly Windows will not allow me to delete the folder or any of the individual files. The error message I get is " The file name you specified id not valid or too long. Specify a different file name".

    I've also done a factory reset and still cant sync. The wingdings file names in the activities folder are still there and still cant be deleted.

    Also just tried deleting the files using the command prompt and got the below error messages

  • OK, Got it sorted.

    For anyone having the same issues.....I downloaded a program called disc genius which deletes/repairs files, folders or partitions. This program was able to delete the activities folder. From there I did a factory reset and Garmin Express now syncs successfully..

  • Thanks for the feedback. Did you try the command RD /S to delete the folder itself?

  • No didn't know that one. It's been a very very long time since I used any of those commands in MS DOS ;)