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Segments not loading to Edge 25

I'm unable to get segment prompts working on my Edge 25.  I'm able to create both segments and courses in Connect.  My understanding is that if your segments are tagged as favorites then if they are contained in a course, uploading that course to your Edge will bring the segments.  I can't seem to get this to work.  I've created the courses from scratch and also converted activities (containing segments) to courses with no luck.  I'm uploading using Garmin Express so I don't think that's the problem.

I read that the Edge 25 isn't supposed to have a Segments folder and instead I should see the segments in the Course FIT file.  Has anyone seen these?  I see the following sections in the FIT files that I create.  Should there be a Segment section?

file_id 1 row(s)
course 1 row(s)
lap 1 row(s)
event 2 row(s)
record 2011 row(s)
course_point 7 row(s)

  • I read that the segments won't upload with the course until there are leaderboard entries.  I rode the segments today and see myself on the leaderboard.  I created new routes from the activities (w/ segments having leaderboard data) and uploaded them to the Edge 25.  The FIT files don't look different.  What should I be looking for?

  • I don't think the Edge 25 supports segments does it?

    Imbedded segments in a course file are done using special course points, course point types 24 and 25 

  • I think it does. I was surprised too.

  • The only course point types in my FIT file are "left" and "right".  I'm guessing that means it didn't pick up the segments.

  • If you are following a course then the segment needs to embedded in the course and it uses course points 24 and 25 to do this.

    segment_start 24
    segment_end 25

     If you are using a Strava segments then the course needs to be built in Strava and then synced to Garmin Connect and then downloaded to the Edge.

    If you are using Garmin Segments then the course needs to be built-in Garmin Connected and synced to the Edge.

  • I ended up buying an Edge 130 and now have them working.  I went through all of the steps to get them onto the Edge 25 and could never get them to appear.  They were never in any of the FIT files either.

    The Edge 130 is great but my only complaint is that there is one area where I took a step back when upgrading from the 25 to the 130.   The 25 allowed me to select 1 mile increments for laps.  The Edge 130 only allows for 5 mile laps.  That's a little frustrating but using Live Segments makes it worth it.

  • Could you let me know how you got segments working on your 130. I am havingvtge same issue you had . Thanks

  • I never could get it to work on the Edge 25 even though the documentation says it should.  I gave up and bought the Edge 130 and it works just as expected on the Edge 130.

  • Sorry I didn't explain myself!
    I have just moved from Edge 25 to a 130 myself and still cant get this to work!
    When you synched a course to the 130 did the segments just come across?
    Did you have to do anything like make them a favourite or any of your account privacy settings?

  • For the 130 I'm using Strava segments.  You can mark the segments as favorites (star them) and then after sync they show up in a Segments folder and will prompt during your ride as long as you have the notifications turned on.  FYI - only uphill segments will prompt.  I'm frustrated with that but it has been debated at length online as a safety issue.