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Edge 130 Cold Weather Performance

Today’s ride was cold - around 11 F (-12 C). My Edge 130 worked fine for the first 30 minutes and then started automatically shutting down. I could restart it (once I noticed it had shut down), and when it restarted it knew I was still in the middle of a ride, but no data was saved between shutting down and restarting. Once restarted it would collect data for a minute or so before shutting down again. After futzing with it a number of times I gave up and resorted to the Strava app on my phone which worked fine (phone was in my inside coat pocket).

Garmin’s specs list the temp range of the 130 to be -4F to 140F (, so I would expect it to work normally at the temp of today’s ride. I suppose I could ride with it in my pocket to stay warm, but that shouldn’t be necessary given Garmin’s temp specs.

Has as anyone experienced anything similar on your device? Is there anything I can do to avoid this happening again?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • ChrisInYpsi - I sent you an email with some follow up questions.
  • Last weekend my Edge 130 restarted during my ride. I immediately noticed this so I only lost about 100m of recording.
    It is colder than normal now where I live (-1 C) but not too cold. Not sure if it is related. I have cycled hours in temperatures between +2 and +5 C and did not see this issue with my Edge 130.
  • Hi,

    I am having similar problems. I bought my edge 130 in September and I was able to use it 11-12 hours. Suddenly with cold weather (between -1°C and +4°C ), I have been losing so much battery time.

    Yesterday night I had a 1h50 ride at -5°C. My Garmin was fully loaded, at the end, my Garmin battery was showing only 50% which mean it would probably not hold a 4h ride.
    I am using No sensors, the screen light is set up to 10sec and I am only using GPS. The only thing that is “ON” is the connection to my iPhone.
    My feeling is since the update on 3.20 the battery management is looking strange… I mean sometime I am loosing battery bars and getting them back 20min later… The update on 3.30 didn’t change anything…

  • I had the same problem, at 0 ° after about 35/40 minutes my Garmin scored 1% battery and then went off. At the start of the race the battery was at 60% during the run in about 30 minutes it fell to 1%.
    For this and other reasons I returned my Garmin to the seller.
    I find it absurd that my 20 € computer works at any temperature and the Garmin paid € 170 goes off at 0 °.
  • Hi,

    My feeling is since the update on 3.20 the battery management is looking strange… I mean sometime I am loosing battery bars and getting them back 20min later…

    Same problem for my Edge130

  • In sommer, I start a 30 min ride with 100% at the end i have 100% or 80.
    In winter I end with 60% or 40 %. After one hour at the room temperature it goes back to 80%. But thats normal. Battery is a chemical process which depends very strong from the temperature.
    Put your smartphone outside on the desk by -5C and the battery level would drop in the same way,
  • I apologize to everyone that has reported cold weather performance with their Edge 130. We are investigating this and appreciate everyone's feedback.
  • Have similar experience. 90 min ride in -8 C. Was 60% charged and battery died in 30 min. Didn't try to start it up as I thought that small battery can't stand freezing temps. I guess I will start to carry device in my pocket when is below 0 outside.

    Edit: I should have mentioned that it was on 3.20 FW. I didn't try 3.30 FW yet.
  • I just recently upgraded to firmware 3.20 and 3.30. Temperatures here are since weeks between 0 and +5C. I could use my Edge for about 9 hours using firmware 3.00. Now after 4 hours I have one bar left in the battery indicator.
    This looks like not only a cold weather issue. Battery performance seems to have degraded 50% with this new firmware.
    I have speed and cadence sensor connected and I always use livetrack.

    Is there a way to revert to firmware 3.00. I don't care about altimeter calibration. I live in a flat country.
  • And this morning when I switched on my Edge 130 it had again three battery bars without charging.