Strength Activity Profile Detects the Wrong Exercise

When I perform a Strength activity on my watch, it will detect the exercise I'm doing based on the movement I'm doing.  For instance, when I'm doing squats, I will perform the set, enter the weight I just lifted and then 'Rest', then I do my next exercise, enter weight, etc.  On some sets, the specific exercise is not detected and that's ok.

The problem is, when I go into the Garmin Connect app later to view and clean up the Strength activity (edit the number of reps, add exercise names for sets that were not detected, etc.), when I edit it, the weights for 'Squats' change from the value(s) that I entered to 'Body'.  I suspect that this is because the watch's exercise detection defaults to a bodyweight movement instead of a weighted movement ('Squat' is a bodyweight movement and 'Barbell Back Squat' is a weighted movement), even though I entered a weight on the watch.

I think that when I enter a weight for the exercise/set, the watch should know it is a weighted movement instead of a bodyweight movement.  In this example, the detected exercise should be 'Barbell Back Squat' instead of 'Squat'.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

have you heard of this before?

  • Hi!

    Lot of problems with latest betas with any strength training tracking. When I earlier got excercise load of 50 for workout it dropped to around 10, and training is not recognized mostly as anaerobic anymore.

    I had same problem with watch not recognizing some of the sets, and thought the problem might be caused by this. I tiried creating excercise again in garmin connect in browser, but that didn’t help either.

  • I am also having the issue on my Fenix 7X Pro and I would love to be included in your path to a solution.

  • I have found this too.  Seems odd that the strength app screws to aerobic.   To be fair it generally does since I bought it. 

  • I have the same issue. The main exercise that is problematic for me is push ups / weighted push ups. I do them with a weight west and my weights are deleted when it detects me doing push ups.

    I agree to my connect account being analysed, and being contacted through mail but I am notoriously poor at reading and responding to mail.

  • Hi!

    I rolled back the watch (forerunner 965) to last non beta version 18.22. Just opt out of beta and select on watch to check for update. Also opt out of garmin app / connect beta. After these changes same workout that didn’t show right load days before now shows the load it has been showing before I installed betas.

    I really like the functinality and layout of new connect ios app so I hope they are able to fix these issues and publish software versions where all functionality works.

  • Hey! I think I know what might be causing the problem. I have indoor cycling or rowing as warmup. This seems to mess up tracking. When I removed warmpup from workout, and just tracked strength excercises I got very close to same result as before updates. 

  • This is happening to me as well, the weight I enter on my watch is overwritten by body when it detects the wrong exercise.

  • Yes this happens with the Strength activity to me regularly(945 watch), luckily I track on a Google doc spreadsheet, so easy enough to edit/remember.  Really wish like you say, that it wouldn't edit the weight to bodyweight because it THINKS maybe it knows what you did.

    Latpull downs/ bench machine, fly machine, rows... etc... all a mess when weighted.  really any machine

    Also would be awesome if the LOAD and training effect was based on your lift weight vs benchmark!  So if you are doing a high amount of volume/intensity vs benchmark charts... you'd get training load.  Not just HR... cuz HR is worthless lifting if an endurance athlete.  

    Wouild be cool if in the rest period it suggested .... is this your Lift?!?! and give a couple options.

    MY WORK AROUND... use a couple different programmed workouts that are setup with types of lifts and weight for at least the start of workout.  Then at least half of my workout might be right.  less edits.

  • 1. Yes

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    This is incredibly frustrating to deal with.