Strength Activity Profile Detects the Wrong Exercise

When I perform a Strength activity on my watch, it will detect the exercise I'm doing based on the movement I'm doing.  For instance, when I'm doing squats, I will perform the set, enter the weight I just lifted and then 'Rest', then I do my next exercise, enter weight, etc.  On some sets, the specific exercise is not detected and that's ok.

The problem is, when I go into the Garmin Connect app later to view and clean up the Strength activity (edit the number of reps, add exercise names for sets that were not detected, etc.), when I edit it, the weights for 'Squats' change from the value(s) that I entered to 'Body'.  I suspect that this is because the watch's exercise detection defaults to a bodyweight movement instead of a weighted movement ('Squat' is a bodyweight movement and 'Barbell Back Squat' is a weighted movement), even though I entered a weight on the watch.

I think that when I enter a weight for the exercise/set, the watch should know it is a weighted movement instead of a bodyweight movement.  In this example, the detected exercise should be 'Barbell Back Squat' instead of 'Squat'.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

have you heard of this before?