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Is there any bug in Track Running especially in Structured Interval Trainings in 965?

Forerunner 955 is known to have serval bugs in Track Running.  See here

This bug is found two months ago and during this period Garmin released 965.  I brought 955 for this Track Run and Structured Interval Training.  I am disappointed that Garmin could not fix those bug in TWO MONTHS.  I am thinking upgraded to 965, but not sure 965 got same problem.   Could any 965 owner test it out?

  • I am hoping to have a 965 soon , but they keep getting delayed and will be happy to test.

    I've done many structured workouts with my 955 from workouts I created both on Connect and those imported from Training peaks and never had any issues , however I normally use the Run activity and not the Track activity so possibly that is why. I see on that thread that a "fix" is expected in an upcoming we should be hopeful!

    What is the benefit of the Track vs just using the run activity? Just the lane accuracy?

  • Well, you are right.  The Structure Interval Trains under Run activity is working perfectly, which is understandable.  However,  the structured workout is not so reliable from 13.23 to 14.20.   The Track Run activity is for training is tracks.  As we all know, the length difference of lane 1 and lane 8 on a standard tracks is ~50 meter.  So that, a 10,000 meter run on Lane 1 and 8 are 25 and 22 laps, respectively.  

    Overall speaking, The track run gives you lan accuracy.  Garmin release Track Run activity and did not fully test it functionality.  From day one of the release 955 till now, that is more than two months.       

  • Track workout has very clean "GPS" plots, looks good on strava, since it fixes your position to be on the track (unless you really leave the track and go far enough away from it). Distance measured is also done by knowing the track length, and not just by calculating distances between GPS points, so the distance/speed/pace data is more accurate (provided you really ran on the lane you configured :D).

    In my experience on track I rarely use the "workout" function of my watch though: Workouts are typically distance based (and not time based), and the best way is to press the lap button after each rep. E.g. if you want to do 6x(800m with 400m jog between), you can just press the lap button at the "start/finish" line of your track, run for two laps, press lap-button on the line, jog for one lap, press lap button on line, run fast for two again etc.

    Lap button pressing on track is superior to any "distance based" workout, as it allows you press at the exact time you pass that line, instead of waiting for gps "track mode" to figure out you should have completed 800m now.

  • Thanks for the feedback.  Would you mind try the "Structure Interval Trains under Track Run activity" on your 965?   I brought 955 for this function because of Garmin advised Track Run.  Garmin client service representative is going to give me a refund for my 955 Solar.  I am think if I should get 965 after my money back.  

  • Yup, this bug is super annoying for 955 users who does structured workouts on a track, very curious if this is an issue on the 965 or not.

  • The 965 I am waiting for is delayed again … I will see if I can borrow a friends 265 and try the track mode …

  • All, 

    This will be fixed in an upcoming beta for 255/955. It has been fixed in the most recent update (3.58) for the 265/965.

  • This has been fixed with the release of the 15.19 software update. If you are still experiencing this after updating, please start a new thread.